Answers to Common Questions about Oxygen Concentrator Humidifiers

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When you use a humidifier with your oxygen concentrator, you may have some questions about best practices. Here are some answers to get the most out of your oxygen concentrator humidifier.

What are Oxygen Concentrator Humidifiers Good for?

A humidifier adds moisture to the airflow to reduce the side effects of the dryness from pure oxygen. Regular use of an oxygen concentrator may lead to nasal irritation, sore throat, or lung irritation, so having a reliable humidifier is very important to reduce unwanted symptoms.

 Is it OK to Have a Humidifier on Every Night?

Daily use of your humidifier is perfectly fine to maintain moistened airflow from your oxygen concentrator. With frequent use, you may also notice the reduction of nasal soreness, headaches, and other irritation with daily use.

What Should I Set My Humidifier To?

Some humidifiers will feature temperature settings to warm the moistened air. Set the temperature to your preference for comfort.

Do Oxygen Concentrator Humidifiers Really Work?

Humidifiers help many oxygen concentrator users experience oxygen therapy without the side effects. By simply adding warm, moist air to the oxygen flow, oxygen therapy can be more comfortable. Humidifiers can also prevent fatigue, help users sleep better, and add energy to one’s day.

What is the Ideal Humidity Level when Using a Humidifier?

Humidity levels are based on personal preference and climate. Often more humid climates require reduced settings on humidifiers. Drier climates may require higher settings. Use your humidifier with your oxygen concentrator and determine what setting is most comfortable for you.

What Size Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier do I Need?

How long and often you use your device determines the size. If you use the humidifier frequently and for long periods of time, then a larger humidifier could be better for you as it would require less times that it needs to be refilled.

What is Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Capacity?

Oxygen concentrator humidifiers have varying capacities, which is the amount of water they retain during operation. Generally, most humidifiers retain about 500 milliliters of water. The amount of water used during oxygen therapy can vary on your oxygen concentrator settings. For example, continuous flow oxygen therapy can use more water during a treatment.

How Do I Add Water to the Humidifier?

Most oxygen concentrator humidifiers are easy to fill. Remove the cap and add water to the maximum level indicated on the humidifier bottle. Twist the lid so that it is securely attached. Make sure your tubing is connected to the humidifier and the oxygen concentrator.  It’s ready to use.

How Often Will I Need to Refill my Humidifier?

Most humidifiers have a clear container so you can see when the water level is dropping and needs to be refilled. How often you use your oxygen concentrator and at what setting will determine how often you need to refill.

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