Do Oxygen Concentrators Need Maintenance?

do oxygen concentrator need maintenancedo oxygen concentrator need maintenance

Like most machines, oxygen concentrators need maintenance. Fortunately, modern designs and intuitive user-friendly engineering have made cleaning and maintenance routines easy. 

Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Need Regular Maintenance? 

Portable oxygen concentrators may need extra maintenance as they are carried outside of the home. However, the cleaning and maintenance process is simple.

  1. Clean the exterior of the device with a damp cloth and mild cleaner. Be sure the oxygen concentrator is unplugged.
  2. Dampen a cloth in a solution of mild cleaner and water to clean accessories like the carrying case.
  3. Follow the specific recommendations from the manufacturer for cleaning cannula and tubing
  4. Be sure to also follow recommendations for cannula and tube replacement as needed (usually every 3 to 6 months)
  5. Follow manufacturer guidelines for changing air intake filters

Additionally, portable oxygen concentrators rely on battery power to give you the oxygen therapy you need wherever you go. Regularly charging and caring for your concentrator’s battery is important. Don’t let it get wet and be sure to fully charge it prior to its first use.

Does My Home Oxygen Concentrator Need Maintenance?

While your home oxygen concentrator may not experience the dust and dirt of the outdoors, it still requires regular cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Much like a portable oxygen concentrator, the exterior of the machine needs to be cleaned.
  • Cannula and tubing need to be cleaned regularly and replaced based on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Air intake fillers need to be replaced. 
  • Every oxygen concentrator varies in design, so following the guidelines of your manual ensures the best maintenance for your machine.

To reduce dirt and dust buildup on your machine, keep your home oxygen concentrator away from corners and walls. Air filters can get clogged if the concentrator is placed in a poorly ventilated location.

What Are the Benefits of Maintaining an Oxygen Concentrator?

Following a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule will make a difference. 

Cannula and tubing especially can attract bacteria and germs and cause illness if not cleaned immediately. When cannula and tubing is overused, cracks and damage can form and reduce overall performance. So, replacing these items in a timely manner is important. 

Changing the filters ensures that airflow is consistent and uninterrupted so that your oxygen concentrator performs at its best to keep you healthy. Lastly, it may not hurt to have multiple batteries for your portable device. 

Some Easy Tips to Maintain an Oxygen Concentrator 

Get Rid of The Dust

Dust anywhere around an oxygen concentrator can be drawn into air intakes or end up in the cannula and tubing. Try to minimize dust as much as possible to maintain lasting oxygen concentrator performance. 

Avoid Overusing

Your oxygen concentrator is essential for your respiratory health, but if possible do not overuse your machine. Constant use wears out parts and the compressor. Try to limit use to as needed. 

Some Basic Precautions

  • Avoid blocking intake air vents
  • Regularly check connections between tubes and the oxygen supply to look for leaks
  • If you use a humidifier with your oxygen concentrator be sure to use only clean, distilled water

Maintaining your oxygen device means that it can last you many years without needing too much attention. Because oxygen concentrators can be costly, regular maintenance will help prolong their service life. For help selecting replacement parts or questions about oxygen concentrator maintenance, speak to our knowledgeable customer care team today. Call 888-941-1688 or email us at

This post was orginally published on February 4, 2021, and updated on January 3, 2023.

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