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How To Use An Oxygen Concentrator - Do’s And Don’ts

Do's and Dont's of Using an Oxygen Concentrator Do's and Dont's of Using an Oxygen Concentrator

Are Oxygen Concentrators Dangerous?

While oxygen concentrators are not as dangerous as standard oxygen tanks, there are some precautions users have to follow to ensure their safety. Fire hazards and risks from infection are still something any user should be concerned about. But oxygen therapy with an oxygen concentrator is perfectly safe if safety precautions are followed.  

Oxygen Concentrator Safety Precautions - Do’s And Don’ts 

Most issues with oxygen concentrators arise from users not being aware of the hazards. Keeping a  simple checklist to stay on top of safety matters or talking to your medical provider about oxygen concentrator safety can help. 

General Safety Tips 

  • Avoid smoking around your oxygen concentrator
  • Keep your oxygen concentrator away from open flames such as fireplaces
  • Do not use aerosol sprays around your oxygen concentrator
  • Make sure the vents of the oxygen concentrator are not blocked 

At-Home Safety Tips

Be sure to always follow the prescription from your doctor when using an oxygen concentrator. Let others know that you have an oxygen concentrator in the house so they can follow the necessary safety precautions as well.  

Traveling with Oxygen Concentrator Safety Tips

  • When traveling take your owner’s manual with you to help troubleshoot any issues
  • Do not store your portable oxygen concentrator in a hot space like a car trunk in the summer
  • Keep your oxygen concentrator away from water like swimming pools or sprinklers 

What To ‘Do’ While Using An Oxygen Concentrator

The do’s of oxygen concentrator usage are just as important as the don’ts. Be sure to mind your oxygen tubing when you use your oxygen concentrator at home. Long tubing can be a tripping hazard and can become tangled, which can reduce oxygen flow. Also clean your tubing regularly to prevent infection.  

Change the Filter At Least Once a Year

Did you know your oxygen concentrator has a filter? The filter helps keep the oxygen flow clean. Fortunately, most oxygen concentrators only require the filter to be changed once a year. Keep a maintenance filter checklist to make sure the filter gets changed annually. 

Change the Cannula Every Month

Your nasal cannula is one of the most important features of your oxygen concentrator as it has direct contact with your nose. Be sure to change your nasal cannula monthly to ensure you do not get nasal or respiratory infections.  

Run the POC For a Minimum of 4 Hours Every Month

If you have a portable oxygen concentrator it is important to ensure it is operating properly even when you are not traveling. If your POC is sitting in a closet be sure to run it at least 4 hours every month to keep it functional.  

Drain the Batteries Completely Every Month

Every month you should completely drain the batteries of your portable oxygen concentrator. Regular battery draining even when you are not using your POC will help ensure long duration and health of the batteries when you need your POC.  

What 'Not to Do' While Using an Oxygen Concentrator

Be sure to follow important safety precautions to prevent damage to your oxygen concentrator, whether it is a home oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator. Negligence is a common issue that causes oxygen concentrators to become damaged or destroyed. Following a few precautions ensures your oxygen concentrator will be around for a long time.  

Leave the POC in a Hot Car

Portable oxygen concentrators are susceptible to extremes in temperature, especially heat. Never leave your POC in a hot car or trunk. If traveling by car, bring the POC inside with you.  

Let the POC Soak in Water

The oxygen concentrator is an electrical device, so you should always avoid leaving it in a body of water. This can damage the device and also be an electrical safety hazard.  

Leave the Oxygen Concentrator in a Confined Space

Oxygen concentrators use vents to operate properly. If those vents become blocked, they can damage the device and may cause a fire hazard. Make sure you use your oxygen concentrator in a well-ventilated space.

Smoke Around the Oxygen Concentrator

It is important to avoid smoking around your oxygen concentrator. While the oxygen in the machine is not as flammable as an oxygen tank, there is still a fire risk. Pure oxygen is highly flammable so users should avoid usiing fire around the device including cigarettes.  

Where Can I Buy Oxygen Concentrators?

You can find oxygen concentrators at most medical retailers, including online retailers like The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. Our expert staff can answer all your do's and don’ts questions and help you choose an oxygen concentrator that works best for your prescription and budget. Call us today at 888-941-1688!