How to Connect a Humidifier to an Oxygen Concentrator

A humidifier bottle can improve the comfort of your oxygen therapy.

When you use your oxygen concentrator regularly, you may find that your throat, mouth, and nasal passages become dry. Pure oxygen, especially high flow oxygen above 5 liters per minute, can cause this dryness. Adding a humidifier to your oxygen concentrator will hydrate the airflow and make your oxygen therapy more comfortable.

Do You Need A Humidifier with An Oxygen Concentrator?

A humidifier doesn’t affect your oxygen therapy, so it’s not always necessary. As mentioned previously, high flow oxygen can cause nasal, throat, and mouth dryness. A humidifier can help make therapy more comfortable, keeping you more compliant with your oxygen treatment. You may also want to consider using a humidifier if you live in an elevated environment, or somewhere with a naturally dry climate.

You can purchase a humidifier bottle and tubing separately or you can get a humidifier starter kit so that you have everything you need to add humidification to your oxygen concentrator. Both reusable humidifier bottles and disposable bottles are available.

When Should I Use a Humidifier Bottle with an Oxygen Concentrator? 

Use a humidifier bottle when:

  • You experience nasal, throat and mouth dryness during your oxygen therapy
  • Your doctor prescribes humidification with oxygen therapy

Steps to How to connect Attach A Humidifier to An Oxygen Concentrator

Attaching your humidifier is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Fill the humidifier bottle to the fill line. Do not overfill and be sure to use only distilled water. 
  2. Secure the bottle cap. Do not cross-thread when tightening or you will get leaks.
  3. Look for the Velcro strap on the back of your oxygen concentrator and fit the bottle into the strap. (Most humidifiers have a built-in shelf that the humidifier bottle can sit on.)
  4. Screw one end of the humidifier adapter tubing into the top of the humidifier bottle cap. Attach the other end to the oxygen outlet port on your concentrator.
  5. Attach the cannula supply tubing to the humidifier bottle outlet.

Look for bubbles in the humidifier bottle once all connections are secured and you have turned on your oxygen concentrator. If you do not see bubbles, you may have a leak or a loose connection. Check to make sure the cap on the humidifier bottle is not cross-threaded. Also, check all tubing connections.

Some humidifier bottles have a built-in pressure sensor that emits a high-pitched alarm when triggered. If this happens, simply turn your concentrator off and examine your tubing for any kinks that would prevent oxygen from flowing through the tube.

Tip: Be sure to sanitize your humidifier bottle weekly to prevent bacteria. Disposable humidifier bottles should be replaced every two weeks. Humidifier bottles are not dishwasher safe.

Where to Buy a Humidifier Bottle for an Oxygen Concentrator 

You can find humidifier bottles from local medical equipment retailers, both offline and online. Make online purchases to save time and find the best humidifier bottle for you without leaving home. Shop the Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. Our price match policy and fast shipping ensure the best price on humidifier bottles delivered promptly to your home.If you have any questions about attaching a humidifier to your oxygen concentrator or need help getting humidifier accessories, speak to our knowledgeable customer care team at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. Call 888-941-1688 or email us at

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