Humidified Oxygen Explained

Many people who use oxygen concentrators on a regular basis for oxygen therapy may experience the side effect of nasal dryness or sore throat from the dry oxygen delivered. Moisture can be infused into the oxygen flow with the addition of a humidifier to help reduce this common side effect.  

what is humidified oxygenwhat is humidified oxygen

What Is Humidified Oxygen? 

Humidified oxygen is moistened oxygen delivered through a humidifier to a standard oxygen concentrator. Water is combined with the normal flow of oxygen, which tends to be dry, and makes this oxygen flow moist. The moistened oxygen is less likely to cause irritations to the throat and nose.  

What Is The Purpose Of Humidified Oxygen? 

Oxygen therapy has many benefits for patients managing respiratory illnesses. However, the dryness of pure oxygen can be irritating the upper airway over time. Humidified oxygen is the ideal solution for maintaining oxygen therapy without the unpleasant side effects.  

Do Oxygen Concentrators Need Humidification? 

Humidified oxygen is not necessary. Some patients may be comfortable with the dryness of oxygen from oxygen concentrators. For those who have problems, most standard oxygen concentrators come with the option to add a humidifier.  

What Is An Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier? 

An oxygen concentrator humidifier is a refillable plastic bottle that infuses the normal flow of oxygen with water droplets. Typically distilled water is used. The humidified oxygen flow passes through the tube and into the nasal cannulas.  

What Are The Different Types Of Oxygen Concentrator Humidifiers? 

Most oxygen concentrators use a bubble humidifier bottle that introduces moisture into the oxygen flow of the concentrator. It can be attached to the side of the machine. Some high flow oxygen concentrators may require a high flow humidifier to accommodate the increased flow. 

How To Use An Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier 

To use an oxygen concentrator humidifier, you must fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water. Attach your nasal cannula to the swivel connector. Connect your swivel connector to the tubing. Connect your tubing to the humidifier. Connect the humidifier to your oxygen concentrator.  

Do You Need A Humidifier With An Oxygen Concentrator? 

Some patients may not like the humidified oxygen flow or find it unnecessary for oxygen therapy. In those instances. The humidifier bottle can be disconnected, and the patient can use normal dry oxygen therapy.  

Philips Respironics Millennium M10 All-In Oxygen ConcentratorPhilips Respironics Millennium M10 All-In Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop offers product bundles that include both an oxygen concentrator and humidifier bottle, as well as other things. The Philips Respironics Millennium M10 All-In Oxygen Concentrator, for example, has a humidifier bottle included to help provide moisture into oxygen therapy. 

How Is Humidified Oxygen Better? 

Humidified oxygen typically prevents many of the side effects of dry pure oxygen that is used daily. Moistened oxygen can help prevent nasal infections and nose bleeds as well as sore throats. 

Do Hospitals Use Oxygen Concentrators With Humidifiers? 

Hospitals can provide oxygen therapy with humidified oxygen if needed by the patient for comfort. They may start with normal dry oxygen and if the patient experiences side effects attach a humidifier for improved comfort.  

How To Connect An Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier 

Connecting an oxygen concentrator humidifier is easy. Most oxygen concentrators have a strap and a recessed compartment on the machine for the humidifier. The swivel connector is easily attached to the tubing and channels the oxygen flow into the humidifier to moisten the oxygen the patient receives.  

Where Can I Buy Oxygen Concentrator Humidifiers? 

You can find oxygen concentrator humidifiers online at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop offers oxygen concentrator humidifiers, accessories like swivel connectors, and more. Speak with our knowledgeable representatives to help you find a humidifier to fit your oxygen concentrator.  Give us a call at 888-941-1688 today!

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