Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Proactive Pulse Oximeter Product Review

The importance of blood saturation measurement for respiratory care requires accurate equipment. The Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter delivers pinpoint precision in real-time using safe, comfortable non-invasive technology for every reading.

Benefits of Using the Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter

Portable and non-invasiveRequires batteries
Ideal for personal and healthcare useSensitive to movement during readings
Easy to read displaysRequires precise placement for accurate readings

Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter Performance

The Proactive Pulse Oximeter performs as expected. The unit does not require a prescription to use and runs on battery power. It is lightweight and versatile, allowing users to monitor both blood oxygen levels and pulse rate using infrared technology. It may not provide accurate readings if used with nail polish.

LED display for both SpO2 and pulse rate
LED display for both SpO2 and pulse rate and Non-invasive fingertip clip uses infrared light to monitor blood levels and provide instant, real-time feedback

Where Can I Buy Proactive Pulse Oximeter?

Find the Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. 

Editor’s Review in a Nutshell


The Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter is versatile enough for personal use as well as professional use in healthcare. The Proactive is accurate within a 2% range of blood saturation and within a 2 bpm range of pulse rate. The real-time feedback and non-invasive finger clip make the Proactive easy to use and highly accurate for multiple readings.

The Proactive is also lightweight and portable making it useful for applications in high altitude activities where blood oxygen levels require monitoring. 


Because the device is extremely sensitive it can give false readings if there is too much physical movement during readings or if the device is not precisely placed on the index, middle, or ring fingers. For some uses, this might make the Proactive difficult to use without some practice. Batteries are required as well, which can lead to unexpected power failure. However, a low battery indicator helps alert users to replenish power. 

Final Thought

The Proactive Finger Pulse Oximeter is useful for many applications and easy to take accurate readings in real-time. Users just need to adapt to the sensitivity to ensure that movements or misplacement are not affecting results. 

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