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Pulmonary Fibrosis and COVID-19: myAirvo2 Humidifier for Respiratory Support

Woman Using nasal cannula

Pulmonary fibrosis is a lung disease that occurs when lung tissue is damaged and scarred, resulting in shortness of breath. This disease affects approximately 100,000 people in the United States. Between 30,000 and 40,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.1 So, how should patients with pulmonary fibrosis prepare for the spread of the coronavirus? 

COVID-19 and Respiratory Support for Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients

We know that individuals with respiratory illnesses are at a higher risk for infection. For those with impaired breathing due to pulmonary fibrosis, COVID-19 can escalate the severity of the illness. Therefore, the CDC recommends that anyone with pulmonary fibrosis should stay home, wash their hands frequently and sanitize household surfaces to help reduce the risk of infection. 

Along with these best practices, you should continue using any respiratory support for maintaining comfortable breathing. Respiratory therapies, including heated high-flow therapy (HHHF), help improve quality of life and comfort for some patients. 

What is Heated Humidified High-Flow Therapy?

Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2 Humidifier System

HHHF is a respiratory support that delivers a high flow of an air/oxygen blend to a patient through a cannula or tracheostomy interface. The air mixture is then heated and humidified to clear the upper airway and ease breathing.

There are a number of uses for HHHF. Spontaneously breathing patients with respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and patients experiencing severe asthma and COPD attacks all may benefit from HHHF. HHHF is also beneficial as respiratory support for those with pulmonary fibrosis.

How Does HHHF Help Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients?

HHHF improves lung function, easing difficult breathing for pulmonary fibrosis patients. Use of HHHF along with prescribed medications allows many pulmonary fibrosis patients to experience improved quality of life.

Clinical trials with HHHF showed that it cleared airways and improved airway hydration. Long-term, the therapy decreased the escalation of care, reduced mortality rates and offered relief for pulmonary fibrosis symptoms.2

How Is HHHF Therapy Provided?

The Fisher & Paykel myAIRVO 2 humidifier and integrated flow generator provides HHHF. The myAIRVO 2 delivers up to 60 liters per minute of air/oxygen mixtures for pulmonary fibrosis patients. The system offers Optiflow nasal interfaces as well as direct-connect tracheostomy and mask interfaces to fit the needs of different patients. 

Man using myAirvo 2

Three temperature settings provide comfortable breathing in compliance with doctor recommendations. The Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2 can also be used with supplemental oxygen from an oxygen concentrator.

The staff at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop understands that being diagnosed with a respiratory condition is not only difficult, but requires a lifestyle change. Therefore, our aim is to make the purchase of equipment, supplies, and accessories as easy and convenient as possible. For questions about the Fisher & Paykel myAirvo 2, please contact our experts at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. Call 888-941-1688 or email us at


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