Flyp Nebulizer Review: A Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer


For people living with asthma, a nebulizer treatment can be cumbersome and inconvenient in your day to day routine. Often times, the machines are bulky, complicated, and interrupt your ability to work, play, or just stay active. Not anymore! Flyp is the lightest and smallest FDA-approved nebulizer to hit the market—just slide it into your pocket and go.

The Flyp is the first truly pocket mesh nebulizer for asthma treatment on-the-go.

How Does the Flyp Nebulizer Work?

Flyp is a pocket-size asthma treatment device that works by pulling liquid medication through mesh filter. The mesh filter consists of a stainless-steel disk with 1000 4-micron holes. These holes vibrate at a rate of 110,000 times per second. As liquid passes through the mesh, it is broken up into an inhalable aerosol.

Simply flip open the back lid, lift the medication reservoir cover to add your medicinethen flip the mouthpiece and switch the unit on. The device is now ready for you to inhale through your mouth and exhale either through your nose or mouth. Flyp has no additional tubes or control units.

Respiratory Therapist Tip:

Every 4-6 breaths, take a deep, slow breath and hold it for 5 seconds. This will allow the medicine to reach the deeper parts of your lungs.

In this video, Jose Acosta, CRT, discusses the cost comparison of a Flyp vs an inhaler.

How Big is the Flyp Nebulizer?

At 1.1” x 4.7” x 2.1” and only 0.25 lbs, Flyp is smaller and lighter than your smartphone.

How Loud is the Flyp Nebulizer?

The Flyp is the first HypersoniQ-powered ultrasonic nebulizer which offers a whisper-quiet treatment.

How Long Does it Take to Use the Flyp Nebulizer?

One of the biggest benefits of Flyp is the reduction of treatment times. Flyp takes only 7 minutes to dispense the standard 3ml of medication. In comparison, other nebulizers can take up to 20 minutes to deliver the same dose. Flyp’s reservoir can hold up to 5ml of medication.

What Medications Can I Use the Flyp Nebulizer For?

Flyp is FDA-approved to be used as a general-purpose nebulizer. It can be used with medications such as albuterol, ipratropium bromide, cromolyn sodium, and brudesonide. However, it should not be used with hypertonic saline or medications that are indicated for use with specific delivery devices.

It is recommended that the Flyp be filled with medication immediately prior to use. However, medication may be carried in the reservoir. Consult with the medication manufacturer for further recommendations. Note: A small ventilation hole is in the reservoir to help the flow of medication to the disk. If Flyp is carried with medication, there may be some leakage if the unit is not held upright.

How Do You Charge the Flyp Nebulizer?

Flyp is portable, thus it is powered with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable via USB. Each charge lasts up to 10 treatments. The battery takes 90 minutes to charge and holds a 50-minute charge time.

How Do You Clean the Flyp?

The Flyp is very easy to clean. Simply fill the medication reservoir with distilled or bottled water. Turn the unit on for one minute, then empty. Once complete, remove the mouthpiece and rinse under running water. Because Flyp uses rechargeable batteries, do not rinse the main unit. Leave the parts to air dry.

It is also recommended to complete a deep cleaning with distilled white vinegar once a week. Simply use a bit of white vinegar instead of bottled or distilled water, turn the unit on for one minute, and then empty. Rinse it out and then allow to airdry.

How Do You Disinfect the Flyp?

To disinfect the Flyp, remove the mouthpiece and fill with 70% ethyl alcohol until the nebulizer disk is completely covered. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then shake off excess alcohol. Then turn the Flyp over, open the reservoir cover, remove the medication reservoir, and repeat the same process to disinfect the other side of the nebulizer disk.

Reinsert both the mouthpiece and the medication reservoir. Fill the reservoir with distilled water. Plug the stopper, close the cover, and raise the mouthpiece. Turn the unit on and allow it to run; it will stop after 10 minutes. Then remove the medication reservoir and mouthpiece, shake off excess water, and let airdry on a clean towel.

How Long is the Warranty on the Flyp?

The Flyp nebulizer has a three-year warranty.

Flyp nebulizer

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