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Drive Pulse Oximeter

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  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Displays SpO₂ and pulse rate
  • Perfect for any patient
  • Includes lanyard and two AAA batteries.


The Drive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter from Drive Medical is a lightweight, easy-to-read device that accurately measures SpO2 and pulse rate within seconds. This device is well-suited for both pediatric and adult patients, and can be used in a variety of settings from hospitals and long-term care facilities to sports performance and gym settings. Device also comes with lanyard to ensure it remains with you at all times.

Using the Drive Medical Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

To use the Drive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, place the device securely on your fingertip. The index, middle, or ring finger is recommended. Once the device is secure, press the power button. Within a few seconds, a reading will display on the screen. Try not to move while the pulse oximeter looks for a signal—this may lead to inaccurate readings.

Accurate Readings

The Drive Pulse Oximeter measures pulse rate (heart rate) and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). The LED display delivers accurate readings within +/- 2 bpm for pulse rate and +/- 2% for blood oxygen. To ensure accuracy, make sure the finger is placed in the device correctly and try to remain still and calm while the device is worn. It is recommended that the pulse oximeter not be worn longer than 2 consecutive hours.

Battery Life of Drive Oximeter

Typical battery duration is approximately 30 hours with two AAA batteries. The LED will display an empty battery icon to indicate when battery life is low. The Drive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter will automatically turn off if no signal is detected after 5 seconds.

The battery compartment is located on the lower half of the oximeter. To access the batteries, remove the cover. Make sure that the batteries are facing the correct way when changing them.


  • Easy and convenient operation.
  • Powerful and efficient. This machine comes with two AAA batteries that can be operated continuously for 20 hours.
  • Carry it anywhere. It weighs only 50g with the batteries and is very small.
  • Turns off automatically if no signal is detected within 5 seconds. This saves the battery.

Key Points of Drive Pulse Oximeter

In addition to regularly checking the batteries, users should also disinfect the device after every use. This is especially important if it is being used on multiple individuals. To disinfect, simply wipe it down with medical alcohol and let it air dry.

If you experience issues with the device, reference the Troubleshooting section of the User Manual. If problems persist, contact our customer care team. The Drive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter has a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, and normal device service life is approximately 3 years.

Store in a cool place and remove batteries when not in use.

User Manual


How To Maintain The Pulse Oximeter?

  • Change the battery when low voltage is indicated on the screen.
  • Before using, always clean and disinfect the device with medical alcohol and then let it dry. Using the medical alcohol to disinfect the product after use, prevents cross infection for the next use.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Never submerge the device in water or any other liquid.
  • Remove the batteries before storing the device for a long time.
  • Store the device in a dry place with a consistent temperature of between - 40°C to 60°C and where the humidity is below 95%.

How To Troubleshoot The Drive Pulse Oximeter?

When SpO2 and Pulse Rate are not displayed normally

This could happen when either the finger is not properly positioned or when the SpO2 level of the user is too low to be detected. If this happens, reposition the Drive Pulse Oximeter properly and try again. Call 911 if the device is working but still not showing the patient's readings.

The SpO2 and Pulse Rate are not stably displayed

The reason could be that the finger is not placed inside deep enough. Stop moving and keep the hand stable while taking the reading.

The device is not turning on

The problem could be with the batteries. Try re-inserting the batteries or using a fresh set of batteries and then turn on the device. If this doesn't work then the device is malfunctioning and you should contact the local service center.

The display turns off suddenly

The device is designed to shut down automatically after 5 seconds of inactivity to save power. If this is not the case then insert new batteries.


User Guide

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