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Drive 15 LPM Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle

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HUM 001

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  • Flow rate up to 0-15 LPM
  • Water capacity is 500ml
  • Back pressure alarm is at 6 psi
  • Made up of plastic

Drive 15 LPM Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle - Features

If you experience dry or irritated nasal passages as a result of your home oxygen therapy, you may need a humidifier. This Drive Humidifier Bottle is compatible with most home oxygen concentrators with a continuous flow of up to 15 liters of oxygen per minute. Simply fill the bottle with distilled water, tighten the lid, and connect your oxygen tubing for comfortable therapy. This humidifier bottle from Drive even includes a back pressure alarm—a high-pitched whistle indicating a kink or obstruction in the oxygen tubing. 


How Does the Drive 15 LPM Oxygen Concentrator Medical Humidifier Bottle Work?

To connect the Drive 15LPM Humidifier Bottle to your oxygen concentrator, first, ensure that the device is not powered on. Next, using distilled water, fill the bottle to the “Max” line and twist the multi-threaded lid until it is securely attached. Locate the humidifier shelf on your oxygen concentrator (typically on top of the unit or directly underneath the oxygen outlet) and secure it in place with the adjustable Velcro straps.

Use the humidifier adapter tubing (sold separately) to connect the lid of the humidifier to the outlet port on the oxygen device. Then, connect your nasal cannula or oxygen tubing to the outlet port located on the side of the lid. If done correctly, bubbles should appear in the water when the device is turned on and oxygen begins to flow. If no bubbles appear, there may be a leak. Check that the lid and the adapter tubing are secured properly and that there is no damage.

When the water reaches the “Re-fill” line, pour more water into the bottle.

How To Clean Your Drive 15 LPM Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle?

The Drive 15 LPM Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle is reusable and should therefore be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of any bacteria, germs, or mold in the bottle. To clean, first, rinse any excess water from the bottle. Next, use warm water and mild detergent and actively wash the bottle and the lid. Rinse to remove any excess soap. Let the humidifier parts dry completely before reconnecting to your oxygen concentrator.

The Drive 15 LPM Humidifier Bottle and lid are not dishwasher safe. Replace your humidifier as needed.


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