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Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

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3 Year Warranty
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  • Continuous flow, up to 5 LPM
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Easily moves from room to room
  • Patented RPSA Technology

Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Home Oxygen Concentrator Overview

The Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Home Oxygen Concentrator is an ultra-compact home concentrator unit. Its durable exterior and made-to-last parts, along with the sturdy handle and lockable castors, make it easy to transport from room to room. The Nuvo Lite is a continuous flow oxygen concentrator, meaning it constantly delivers oxygen to the patient. This home oxygen device can deliver up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute, and can reach oxygen purity in under three minutes. It’s reliable, quiet design makes it a reputable choice for those that require supplemental oxygen.

Like all oxygen concentrators, the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite requires a prescription from a licensed physician. Prior to purchasing, consult your doctor to see if supplemental oxygen is right for you.

Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Home Oxygen Concentrator Features

The Nidek Mark 5 features 12 unique oxygen delivery systems, ranging from 0.125 LPM to a maximum output of 5 LPM. No matter the individual needs, this oxygen concentrator delivers. To change the amount of oxygen delivered, users can simply turn the flow control valve on the intuitive control panel of the device. A humidifier bottle can be attached to the unit for users who experience dry nasal passages or who live in drier climates.

LED indicator lights on the display panel indicate the oxygen concentrator’s operational status: a green LED indicates the device is ready for use, while a red light indicates a system fault. The operating volume of the Nuvo Lite is around 40 dBA, roughly the volume of a library. As the Nuvo Lite is a home oxygen concentrator, it does not need to be connected to a battery for external power. It averages approximately 330W in power consumption. 

User Guide

Connecting the Humidifier with Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo

Individuals who require humidification are able to attach a humidifier bottle to the back panel of the Nidek Mark 5. After filling the bottle to the max fill line, screw the lid on securely and attach to the unit using the provided straps. Attach the tubing from the lid of the humidifier to the oxygen output valve on the concentrator. As a final step, connect your oxygen tubing to the output valve on the humidifier and ensure you can feel the flow of oxygen from your nasal cannula. Reference the user manual for assistance if necessary.

How Does the Nuvo Mark 5 Nuvo Nidek Mark 5 Stationary O2 Concentrator Work?

The air that enters the Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator is filtered by an external cabinet air filter and then passes through the suction tube and fine filter. The suction sound of the compressor is silenced by the suction tube. The pressurized air coming from the compressor goes to a pair of 3-way solenoid valves through a heat exchanger. The purpose of the heat exchanger is to reduce the temperature of the compressed air. The nitrogen is then extracted from the air so that the device can deliver only the high purity oxygen by passing the air through the sieve beds that contain molecular sieve.

Starting Up/Installation of Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator

      • Use oxygen treatment that is delivered indirectly. Check to see whether the switch is turned off.
      • For usage in the absence of a humidifier The cannula is connected directly to the concentrator oxygen product output through the bottle.
      • Simply place the cannula over the oxygen outlet and slide it in place.
      • Remove the lid from the humidifier bottle and fill it with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the oxygen concentrator to the bottle and reattach the cover. Attach the bottle to the concentrator using the connection straps as directed.
      • To avoid leaks, double-check that all of the pieces are properly linked.
      • Connect the power cord to a power outlet that has the proper voltage and frequency as specified on the manufacturer's technical label.
      • Turn the power switch (I/O) to ON (I). The green indicator light illuminates, signaling the presence of electricity.
      • Note: Within five minutes of turning on the device, the requisite oxygen concentration is usually achieved.
      • Set the flow control knob to the desired setting. It's possible that this knob has previously been locked in the medically recommended position. In this scenario, resist the urge to force it. It can only be released by the technician or medical staff.

Care & Maintenance of Nidek Mark 5 Oxygen Concentrator

Per the manufacturer’s guidelines, the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite should be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis. Thanks to the simple design of the oxygen concentrator, care is limited. Before cleaning, make sure the device is powered off and/or unplugged. Wipe down the exterior of the unit with a dry cloth, a damp sponge, or alcohol wipes. Make sure the concentrator is completely dry before re-connecting to a power source.

The Nidek Mark 5 has a removable filter that must be cleaned weekly. Simply remove from the rear of the device, wash with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Let the filter completely dry before reinstalling. Clean or replace oxygen tubing and nasal cannulas as needed. For best performance with this oxygen concentrator, do not use tubing longer than 60 feet. For customers using a humidifier bottle, rinse and disinfect the bottle daily to avoid the build-up of any germs.

Cleaning the Oxygen Concentrator

Wipe down the device with a damp cloth to clean the exterior case of Nuvo Mark 5 Oxygen Concentrator. Make sure that you have completely gone through and understood the manufacturer's user manual before cleaning it with a medical disinfectant. The used nasal cannula and humidifier bottle must be disposed of while removing this device from a patient's home. Properly


This stationary oxygen concentrator is designed in such a way that the user can access and replace the serviceable components with ease. Check the manufacturer’s user manual to get full knowledge of the serviceable parts and how to replace them.

Cabinet Filter Cleaning

The cabinet for the air filter is located at the back of the oxygen concentrator. Take out the dirty filter from the cabinet.

Use a regular household detergent with warm water to wash the dirty filter.

Remove the excess water with a soft towel and let it dry.

Carefully insert the filter back into the cabinet after it is completely dry.

Safety & Troubleshooting

The Nidek oxygen concentrator has two built-in alarms, one for power and one for operational failure. To troubleshoot the device alarm, reference the troubleshooting section in the user manual. If the problem persists, contact our customer care team for assistance. The Nuvo Lite also comes with a built-in circuit breaker.

Nuvo Mark 5 Oxygen Concentrator Specification

The full list of Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Home Oxygen Concentrator’s specifications can be found in the Updated User's Guide, which provides operating instructions and maintenance information.

  • Two models: 520 and 525
  • Average power consumption: 330 watts
  • Oxygen concentration (at 5 LPM): 90% (+6.5% / -3%)
  • Liter flow: 0.125 to 5 LPM
  • Sound level: 40 dBA typical
  • Outlet pressure: 7.0 PSI
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14”W x 9”D x 23”H
  • Temperature storage ranges (intended for use): -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 760C), up to 95% relative humidity
  • Humidification: compatible with standard humidification bottles
  • Filters: cabinet intake filter and air intake filter
  • Altitude: 0-7500 feet
  • FAA-approved: No
  • Warranty: 3 Years

User Guide

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Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator - Customer Questions
How do you use Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator?
Simply, the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator works by securely connecting the cannula directly to the product outlet on the oxygen concentrator body, plugging the oxygen concentrator in to a power source, selecting the correct voltage and...
What is the life expectancy of the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite concentrator?
Like all equipment, the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator will last longer with the proper maintenance and care. Most portable oxygen concentrators last between 4-7 years. However, this home oxygen concentrator has a design and build that makes...
How do I clean my Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo oxygen concentrator filter?
The Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator filter should be removed and cleaned weekly or after approximately 100 hours of use with warm water and household detergent. You may need to clean more frequently if you live in a dusty environment. Fully dry...
Is there a suggested maintenance schedule or part replacement for the Nidek Mark 5 Nuvo Lite concentrator?
The inlet filter should be fully replaced every 2 years. Replace the capacitor at each compressor service / module replacement.
Product Filter Capacitor OCSI Models: Every 15,000 hours or 3 years. Std Models: Every 5,000 hours or 1 year. Wash...
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