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Fisher & Paykel Optiflow Oxygen Nasal Cannula for myAIRVO 2

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  • Available in small, medium & large sizes
  • Unique technology reduces condensation
  • Improved design for a comfortable fit

Fisher & Paykel Optiflow Oxygen Adult Nasal Cannula Overview

In comparison to traditional oxygen masks, the Airvo 2 Optiflow Nasal Cannula offers a unique design that allows patients to drink, converse, and dine comfortably. By enabling more range of movement, this design aids in patient compliance and comfort. The soft cheek cushions help to keep the optiflow nasal cannula for adults in place and relieve pressure on the face, reducing discomfort and pressure point markings. The nasal prongs have been reshaped to be more streamlined, making them more comfortable to wear.

The adjustable head strap minimizes dangling ends around the face, resulting in a comfortable, snug fit. By enabling water vapors to disperse more readily, Evaqua Technology in the tubing minimizes the amount of condensation that occurs.

Fisher and Paykel Optiflow High Flow Nasal Cannula - Features

Fisher and Paykel Optiflow Nasal Cannula - Evaqua Technology

The device has a permeable membrane, so water vapor will be diffused through the tube walls.

Optiflow Nasal Cannula - Dual Connector

The Optiflow Oxygen Nasal Cannula is compatible with all the Fisher And Paykel circuits.

F&P Optiflow Nasal Cannula - Customizable Head Strap

There are no loose straps around the face. Stretchwise technology produces a softer, tubular material.

Optiflow High Flow Nasal Cannula - Removable Head Strap Clip

When paired with the tubing clip, it supports the circuit's weight and keeps the cannula from slipping out of place. A lanyard is not necessary. Compared to using face masks, this makes eating, drinking, and chatting simpler by keeping the cannula tubing out of the mouth.

Fisher and Paykel Optiflow Nasal Cannula - Soft cheek pads

The cheek pad and head strap now offer a better connection to avoid unintentional disconnection. Three color-coded sizes make setup and troubleshooting simpler.

Optiflow Nasal Cannula - Contoured Prongs

You can sit comfortably with the cannula inside your nostrils because of the Optiflow’s anatomical design to enhance ventilation. The concave base helps to reduce stress on the septum. It contours to the shape of the top lip and bends to make sure it doesn’t become overwhelming.

What Are The Fisher and Paykel Optiflow High Flow Nasal Cannula Benefits?

  • The myAIRVO2 Optiflow nasal cannula delivers warm, humid oxygen to the patient. It can deliver very high nasal flow rates.
  • Has the ability to provide high flows without patient discomfort and adverse side effects like septal breakdown, bleeding, and nasal drying.
  • Allows practitioners and family members to easily care for patients.
  • Higher flows can be used due to the effects of heat and molecular humidity.


User Guide

Fisher and Paykel Optiflow High Flow Nasal Cannula Setup

  1. Choose the correct size. The nares must not be sealed by the prongs. Each prong must have a clean spacing surrounding it.
  2. Make sure the head strap is comfortable. Do not over-tighten.
  3. a. Attach the head strap clip to the cannula to prevent it from being pulled out of the nares.
  4. b. If the cannula is not used with the head strap clip

Fisher & Paykel Optiflow Oxygen Nasal Cannula for myAIRVO 2 Parts

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