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Drive Pacifica Elite Nebulizer

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5 Year Warranty
  • Ultra-Compact Design
  • Piston Pump Compressor.
  • Consistent Particle Size.
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Expert Support
  • In the box - T-adapter, A cup for medication, 7-feet tubing, Mouthpiece, Reservoir tube

Pacifica Elite Nebulizer - Overview

Drive Medical's Pacifica Elite Nebulizer is a portable, ultra-compact piston nebulizer that effectively treats respiratory conditions. With a weight of fewer than 5 pounds, the Pacifica is portable. This nebulizer is exceptionally effective despite its small size, producing uniform particle sizes for thorough lung penetration. Depending on the quantity of medication supplied, treatment times may change.

Elite Pacifica Compressor Nebulizer - Features

  • Delivers rapid treatment times and uniform particle sizes of less than 5 microns.
  • It's 4.1 pounds, making it lightweight and incredibly portable.
  • The powerful piston pump is reliable, effective, and silent.
  • The nebulizer cleaning kit is included.
  • Perfect for patients of every age.

Elite Pacifica Nebulizer Machine - Specification

  • Electrical Requirements - 115 VAC 60Hz
  • Liter Flow - 8 lpm
  • Maximum Pressure - 35 psi
  • Method of Nebulization - Piston Compressor
  • Operating Pressure - 10 psi
  • Particle Size - 0.5 microns to 5 microns
  • Unit Dimensions - 7.5" (W) x 4.0" (H) x 6.8" (D)
  • Warranty - Limited 5 Year
  • Weight - 4.1 lbs.

FAQs Of Elite Pacifica Nebulizer Machine

How Does the Pacifica Elite Nebulizer Work?

The Drive Medical Pacifica Elite Nebulizer comes equipped with nebulizer tubing, a mouthpiece, and an optional face mask. If prescribed to children under the age of 6, using a face mask is recommended. Connect your tubing to the compressor base on one end and the medicine cup on the other. Place the prescribed amount of liquid medication into the cup and close it. Attach the mouthpiece or the face mask to the medicine cup and turn the device on. After a few seconds, a fine mist will begin. Place the mouthpiece firmly between your teeth and breathe slowly through your mouth.

When treatment is complete, the device will make a sputtering sound. Turn it off and disconnect the nebulizer. Rinse the medicine cup for at least 30 seconds under hot water to remove any excess medication. Allow components to fully dry before reusing or storing. Disinfect daily and rinse after each use.

A nebulizer is considered the optimum mode of treatment to quickly and effectively get a prescription medication to the lungs. A few patients, in particular very young children, can find it challenging to use. An optional aerosol mask may be used in this case. Please contact your doctor or The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop to ensure that the right mask is used. The patient's breathing rhythm during the inhalation of the medication mist is the most significant feature of the procedure. The treatment should be steady and deep, so the child should make a substantial effort to sit up straight and breathe deeply.

Does the Drive Pacifica Elite Nebulizer Have a Strong PSI?

The PSI of the Drive Pacifica Elite Nebulizer is 35. Treatment periods are shortened by the powerful piston compressor's 8 liters per minute output of aerosolized medication. The medication is delivered to the correct respiratory tract where it can be most effective thanks to particle sizes ranging from 0.5 microns to 5 microns.

How to Use the Pacifica Elite Nebulizer?

  • Before each treatment check for damage or wear of the compressor and nebulizer cup. Replace as needed.
  • Place the compressor on a table or other stable flat surface. Make sure that it is convenient for the seated patient.
  • Plug in the power cord to a suitable electric wall outlet with the power switch at the O (OFF) location.
  • Attach a tube to the end of the air-outlet adapter of the compressor.
  • Assemble the nebulizing cup and add the drug to the nebulizing cup.
  • Attach the other end of the hose to the air-inlet connector (situated at the base of the nebulizer cup).
  • Press the power switch to position I (ON) and launch the treatment. Turn on the compressor.
  • If you have to stop your treatment, just click the O-position control button.
  • After finishing the procedure, turn the compressor off and detach the unit from the electrical outlet by pressing the power switch to the O (OFF) position.
  • Immediately after use, unplug the unit.

How To Clean & Maintain Pacifica Elite Nebulizer?

Refer to the User Manual for complete cleaning instructions. To disinfect, soak nebulizer pieces in a mixture of white vinegar and hot water.

The Pacifica Elite Nebulizer also comes with replaceable filters. Do not use the device without these filters in place. Inspect them regularly and do not use them if damaged, discolored, or wet. Filters should be replaced approximately every six months. The filter cap is located on the top panel of the Pacifica, next to the air outlet port.

The Drive Medical Pacifica also comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty to protect against any faulty or defective components. If you need assistance with filing a claim, contact our knowledgeable customer care team.

How to Disinfect the Elite Pacifica Nebulizer Parts Daily?

  • Using a sterile bowl and a mixture of warm water and white vinegar in a ratio of 3:1, soak the nebulizer parts (not the compressor) for 30 minutes. Or you can use a bacterial-germicidal medicinal disinfectant to soak the parts.
  • Remove all the nebulizer components from the disinfectant solution and scrub them under hot tap water. Air dry on a clean towel. Store in a bag with a ziplock. Do not towel-dry the nebulizer parts as contamination may occur.
  • Prepare a fresh solution for each cleaning cycle to avoid the possibility of contamination.
  • Keep the tubing's exterior surface dust-free by wiping it down daily. There is no need to wash the nebulizer tubing, as only purified air flows through it.
  • Depending on use, the disposable nebulizer will last at least 15 days or probably longer. Adequate washing also tends to prolong the nebulizer's life. We encourage you to have an additional nebulizer always at hand since it is disposable. The Drive Nebulizer can be washed and used for up to one year by cleaning the parts in a dishwasher.

How To Clean Pacifica Elite Nebulizer’s Compressor?

  • Unplug the power cord from the wall socket with the power switch in the "off" spot.
  • Remove dust with a damp cloth from the outside of the compressor cabinet every few days.
  • Do not immerse the compressor in water as it will harm the compressor.

How To Change The Filter Of The Pacifica Elite Nebulizer?

  1. The filter may be taken out of the unit by firmly grabbing it and tugging it. 
  2. Dispose of the used filter once removed. 
  3. Substitute the new filter into the same place you just removed the old filter.

Filters need to be replaced every six months or sooner if they start to discolor. You should purchase more filters from your Drive provider. Drive air-inlet filters must never be washed, reused, or replaced with any other material, such as cotton. Damage to the compressor will occur.

Drive Pacifica Elite Nebulizer Parts

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