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Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator - PM4150

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FAA Approved
Rx Required
5 Year Warranty
  • Lightweight: 6.6 pounds with Internal Battery
  • Up to 10 hours with External Battery
  • CMV technology automatically adjusts oxygen volume
  • Whisper-quiet operation

Precision Medical EasyPulse POC - Overview

The Precision Medical EasyPulse PM4150 makes it simple for oxygen patients to receive oxygen therapy. The battery can last up to 4.7 hours, allowing users to use it while traveling or on the go. This portable oxygen concentrator weighs 6.6 pounds, so it is highly portable. There is even a user-friendly control panel that helps patients monitor their battery life, oxygen settings, and more. 

Precision Medical uses Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology to regenerate the sieve beds. Having clean sieve beds is beneficial to having a high oxygen purity level. Additionally, this POC includes Controlled Minute Volume (CMV), which is therapeutic oxygen delivered to patients in the first third of the inspiratory phase regardless of breath rate to offer maximum efficiency.

EasyPulse POC - Flow Settings

The Precision Medical PM4150 provides oxygen therapy in pulse doses. Pulse dose allows for oxygen to only be delivered during a user’s inhalation. This extrends the battery life and the overall lifespan on the POC. The PM450 has five pulse dose settings and can deliver oxygen from 240780 mL/min. Pulse dose settings should only be changed if it is recommended by your healthcare provider. 

To change the pulse setting, press the number button of the setting you need to change it to. An LED light will light up as a patient gets their oxygen delivered to them. To ensure best performance, it is not recommended to use longer oxygen tubing or a nasal cannula greater than 7 feet long.

Precision Medical EasyPulse POC - Battery Duration

The Precision Medical PM4150 can last for up 4.7 hours at a pulse dose setting of 1. If you combine that with the optional external battery pack, this POC can have a battery life of up to 9.4 hours.

Oxygen patients are able to monitor their battery life on the top-right corner of the display. When the POC gets to 15% charge, the LED battery indicator will turn red and the machine will beep once every minute. When the POC gets to 5% charge, the machine will beep every 20 seconds and the LED light will start blinking. The beeping will stop when the machine gets connected to an external power source. 

The PM4150 concentrator comes with both AC and DC power cords. Both will charge the internal battery while the device is plugged in.

EasyPulse POC - Ease of Access

Precision Medical EasyPulse portable oxygen concentrator’s control panel consists of only one button. The button is what turns the device on and off. There is also a rotating knob that is used to set the oxygen flow. These easy controls with LED light included  make it simple for any user to operate and troubleshoot their device. 

Precision Medical Oxygen Concentrator - Small Frame and Lightweight

The PM4150 weighs less than 7 pounds with the internal battery and is one of the lightest machines on the market. Its also small in size, with the dimensions being 10.1in x 6.5in x 4.5in.

Easypulse Oxygen Concentrator with CMV Technology

This machine includes Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) which Precision Medical's own patented oxygen conserving technology. It was designed to effectively deliver the same amount of oxygen during the first period of inhalation.

Precision Medical EasyPulse POC - Versatile

This device comes with a carry bag that makes it versatile and easy to transport. The PM4150 can be used inside or outside of the carry bag, but the carry bag was designed to protext the device from minor vibration and also reduces noise during therapy. 

EasyPulse POC - Easy Maintenance

The PM4150 only has one filter, so the maintenance of replacing it is very simple.

EasyPulse POC Precision Medical EasyPulse - Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • Long battery life
  • Includes Precision Medical’s patented Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) technology
  • Quiet Performance
  • User-friendly control panel
  • FAA-approved

EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)- Box Includes

  • EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • AC & DC Power Cords
  • Carrying Bag
  • User Manual
  • Pre-Installed Filter
  • 5 Nasal Cannulas

Oxygen concentrators can only be returned within 7 days of the original ship date and with less than 10 hours of use. A 15% return processing fee will be taken from the original payment before a credit is issued. All returns must be authorized by a Customer Service Representative and require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form.

For more information, read our return policy.

Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator - FAQs

How to Ensure Safety And Troubleshoot the EasyPulse POC?

The PM4150 includes built-in alarms that will alert the user if something is not working. These alarms can detect the following issues:

  • No breath
  • High operating temperature
  • Fan malfunction
  • High breathe rate
  • Device failure

Each alarm is indicated by an audible beep and a yellow or red LED light. Refer to the user manual to indentify and troubleshoot an alarm. 

  • Green LED: Device is ready to use
  • Yellow LED: Medium priority, the user should handle it immediately.
  • Red LED: High priority, the user should handle it immediately.

How To Clean And Maintain Precision Medical EasyPulse POC?

The PM4150 does not require too much maintenance, which is one of the reasons it is preferred by many users. 

To clean the exterior of the device, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Let is completely airdry before using again. Ensure the device is not plugged in to power while cleaning it. 

The filter can be found in the back of the device. To clean it, pull the filter tab and remove it from the POC. Wash it with soap and water and let it dry completely before putting it back into place in the concentrator. 

Wash nasal cannulas and oxygen tubing on a  regular basis to avoid damage.

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10.1" (H) x 6.5" (W) x 4.5" (D)

Product Weight:

6.6 lbs with internal battery only;    7.8 lbs with external battery


5 Years

NOTE: Warranty applies to concentrator. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Please review manufacturer's documentation for full details.


No breath detected, Breath rate high, Low battery, Unit hot, Battery hot, Fan malfunction, Failed electrical connection

Battery Charging Time:

4.0 hr (internal battery)    

Battery Duration:


FAA Approved:


Flow Settings:

Pulse Settings: 1-5 

Oxygen Output per Minute


Precision Medical

Noise Level:

40dBA at Setting 2

Operating Ranges, Intended for Use:

Temperature:  41°F to 104°F (5°C - 40°C)


Up to 14,000 Feet (Up to 4,267 meters)

Oxygen Concentration:

87% - 95%

Storage Ranges, Intended for Storage:

Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)


AC: 100 - 240 VAC (1.0 A @ 120 VAC)
DC: 11 - 16 VDC (5.0 A @ 12 VDC)

 In the Box:

EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Carrying Case with shoulder strap, AC/DC Adapters and User Manual



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