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  •  Can You Sleep With A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

    Can You Sleep With A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

    November 29, 2023

    Many patients with respiratory illness may need oxygen therapy at night. Fortunately, many portable oxygen concentrators are offering the same benefits as home oxygen concentrators. This versatility gives patients the opportunity to use their portable oxygen concentrator more than just outside the home.  

  • copd and coughing

    COPD and Coughing

    November 15, 2023

    While we all may experience a bad cough, it is not the same as the cough of COPD. The cough of COPD is on-going, often lasting for weeks or longer. This persistent cough will also be more productive as your body attempts to clear your airway of irritants that do not appear to go away.

  • Difference Between Oxygen Therapy and CPAP Therapy

    Difference Between Oxygen Therapy and CPAP Therapy

    November 9, 2023
    Oxygen and CPAP therapy are both prescribed to treat breathing disorders. Just because a patient needs one, however, does not mean they require both. It is important to understand the difference between oxygen therapy and CPAP therapy.What Is Oxygen Therapy?Oxygen therapy is prescribed by doctors when a patient’s lungs cannot fully process oxygen on their own. Oxygen therapy helps ...
  • How to Clean an Oxygen Concentrator Machine At Home?

    How to Clean an Oxygen Concentrator Machine At Home?

    November 9, 2023
    Regularly cleaning your oxygen concentrator is important and highly recommended. Just as cleaning your other household appliances reduces germ and bacteria buildup, cleaning your oxygen concentrator helps to prevent infection and helps maintain peak performance of your machine. Follow these simple steps to ensure you are taking proper care of your equipment.How to Clean the Outside of ...
  • Sleeping With An Oxygen Concentrator At Night

    Sleeping With An Oxygen Concentrator At Night

    November 9, 2023
    While it is normal for oxygen levels to drop while you sleep, if the drop is too low it can increase the risk for disrupted sleep and even cause serious health problems. It is important to recognize the symptoms of low oxygen. If you suffer from low oxygen levels, oxygen concentrators can offer supplemental oxygen to help ensure a peaceful and healthy rest.Symptoms of Low Oxygen While ...
  • What is the Difference Between Pulse Dose & Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrators?

    Difference Between Pulse Dose & Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrators

    November 9, 2023 with respiratory illness may require supplemental medical oxygen. When your physician writes a prescription, they will indicate the number of liters of oxygen delivered per minute (LPM) that you require. The LPM required will help determine whether a pulse dose or continuous flow oxygen concentrator best suits your needs. Here’s how the...
  • Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    November 9, 2023
    The American Medical Association reports that more than 30 million Americans have chronic lung disease and an estimated 800,000 to 1 million require home oxygen therapy.1 Travelers with respiratory illnesses must have portable oxygen concentrators or POCs readily available.Portable oxygen concentrators filter ambient air to generate supplemental oxygen. In 2016, the FAA update...
  • How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

    How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

    November 9, 2023
    Do you have low levels of oxygen in your blood due to respiratory problems, such as COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, cystic fibrosis, or lung disease? If so, your doctor may recommend the use of supplemental oxygen. In the past, your choices of oxygen devices were bulky tanks or cylinders that limited mobility and could even be dangerous. Fortunately, oxygen therapy technology has come a long way. T...
  • Best Nebulizer Machines of 2023

    Best Nebulizer Machines of 2023

    November 8, 2023

    Nebulizers can become essential when managing respiratory conditions, so choosing the best one is important when starting treatment. With a wide range of options available in the market for respiratory illness patients, selecting the ideal nebulizer can be difficult. Review the latest brand features and benefits when choosing the best nebulizer machine for 2023. 

  • What is dyspnea?

    What is Shortness of Breath/Dyspnea?

    November 1, 2023

    The clinical definition of shortness of breath is dyspnea. The average adult can take up to 30,000 breaths a day, so compromised breathing is acutely felt, even over a short period of time. While physical exertion or a cold may make breathing difficult temporarily, long-term dyspnea is often a sign of a more serious illness. 

  • How to Drive with Supplementary Oxygen in Your Car?

    How to Drive with Supplementary Oxygen in Your Car?

    October 25, 2023

    A respiratory illness doesn’t mean a loss of freedom. Many patients with illnesses such as COPD and cystic fibrosis can continue their active lifestyles normally with the help of supplementary oxygen. That includes driving.  If You are Driving  Follow these tips for driving safely and legally with supplemental oxygen. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. ...

  • Tips for Oxygen Therapy

    Tips for Oxygen Therapy

    October 16, 2023
    Oxygen therapy is a helpful, non-invasive approach for treating many respiratory illnesses. With devices such as oxygen concentrators, patients can receive treatment for chronic respiratory illnesses or conditions. The following tips for oxygen therapy at home can help ensure safe and effective treatment. Who Needs Oxygen Therapy?Patients with respiratory illnesses such as COP...