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Oxygen Tubing and Nasal Cannula Supplies

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  1. Adult Cannula with 7ft Supply Tube
    Adult Cannula with 7ft Supply Tube
    Temporary price reduction
    Special Price $3.25 Regular Price $4.75
    Save 32%
      • New fresh, clean look
      • 1-6 LPM
      • Curved nasal prongs for added comfort
      • 6-channel safety tubing is kink-free
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    • E-Z Wrap Ear Protector Pair
      E-Z Wrap Ear Protector Pair
      Temporary price reduction
      Special Price $1.70 Regular Price $2.89
      Save 41%

        Salter Labs E-Z Wraps improve comfort and help prevent chafing and soreness during oxygen therapy, especially in the area behind and over the ears.

        • Protects Ears from Moisture Produced from Cannula
        • Closed-Cell Foam Repels Moisture
        • Prevents Skin Breakdown
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      • Sunset Firesafe Tubing Connector
        Sunset Firesafe Tubing Connector
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        Special Price $5.99 Regular Price $6.99
        Save 14%
          • The Sunset Firesafe Tubing Connector is a 2 inch tube intended to be used in conjunction with the FireSafe Valve. It can also be used with other oxygen tubing connectors.
          • * FireSafe Valves are sold separately *
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        • Sunset Humidifier Connectors
          Sunset Humidifier Connectors
            • The Sunset Humidifier Connector tubing has an L-Connector tip and is 12 inches in length which is compatible with most oxygen concentrators.
            • This tube connects to humidifier bottles for patients that use them for supplemental moisture.
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          • Humidifier Starter Kit Bundle
            Humidifier Starter Kit Bundle
            Starting at
            Out of stock
              • Includes humidifier bottles, oxygen tubing, cannulas and more
              • Helps prevent nasal dryness and soreness
              • Savings of at least 10%
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            If you're searching for a tube that attaches to a portable oxygen concentrator and to your oxygen nasal cannula or a tube, we supply them. We have tubes that stretch from your home oxygen concentrator by 25 or 50 feet, making it easier to get around when you’re at home. Give our customer service a call at 888-941-1688 and we will help you make the correct purchase depending on your needs.

            Oxygen Concentrator Supply Tubing and Accessories

            At The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, we carry oxygen concentrator tubing, (sometimes referred to as an oxygen concentrator hose) and many more items that will keep you using your oxygen concentrator comfortably.

            What are Oxygen Supply Tubing Connectors?

            Connectors are used to attach two parts of tubing together. These connector tubes can be found in two configurations: a non-swivel or swivel. The ends of oxygen tubes have regular 5-7mm end connections that can be conveniently joined by latex-free oxygen tubing connectors. Generally, these sockets are compliant with all normal oxygen tubing. For a safe tubing attachment, try the Salter Oxygen Tubing Adapter.

            Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Tubing

            How Often Should You Change the Tubing on Your Oxygen Concentrator?

            It is recommended to replace the tubing every 90 days (or 3 months). Every 2 weeks of usage, replace the nasal cannula. You can prolong the life of your tubing by using a soft soapy solution to clean the prongs regularly.

            What is the Maximum Length of Tubing for an Oxygen Concentrator?

            We supply oxygen concentrator tubing in lengths of 7, 10, 15, 25, and 50 feet. You should refer to your oxygen concentrator manual for specific information about the length of tubing necessary for your therapy.

            How do you Keep from Tripping Over the Oxygen Concentrator Tubing?

            It is important to be able to see the tubing in order to decrease the risk of tripping and potentially falling over when the oxygen concentrator is more than a few feet away. Many people with clear tubing use strips of colored tape at intervals to highlight the tubing. Additionally, as you walk, try holding the tubing away from your feet to avoid tripping. Keeping the tubing in front of you will prevent inadvertent tripping even as you turn or stand.

            Do the Oxygen Nasal Cannula Prongs Go Up or Down?

            If oxygen nasal cannulas are fitted properly, they do not have the tendency to move up and down on normal oxygen flows. For high oxygen flow settings on an oxygen concentrator, it is recommended to use oxygen masks instead to maintain the high flow and reduce oxygen leakage from nasal cannulas.

            Why are Oxygen Tubing Better than Oxygen Masks?

            In order to attach the cannula or nasal mask to the oxygen supply, oxygen tubing is required. It is often made of silicone and helps to provide the patient with a constant influx of oxygen. Tubing can be disposable or recycled. All tubing is designed to be kink-resistant.

            Compared to mask users, oxygen cannula users can be more energetic, because cannulas reduce oxygen waste. With smart pulse flow concentrators, cannulas also perform well, as cannulas are better at tracking inhaling cycles.

            In What Way does the Length of the Oxygen Concentrator Tubing Make a Difference?

            According to the user's lifestyle and preferences, the length of the tubing varies. Patients who use oxygen concentrators and are not bedridden use longer oxygen tubing compared to other patients. Long tubing allows the patients to move around while continuing oxygen therapy by staying close to the oxygen pump.