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  1. Sunset Firesafe Thermal Shut-Off Valve Kit
    Sunset Firesafe Thermal Shut-Off Valve Kit
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    • Helps protect against oxygen tubing fires
    • Helps keep patients safe no matter what method of oxygen delivery they use
    • Offers a cost-effective solution to lower the risk of serious patient injury in an oxygen fire
    • Automatically stops the flow of oxygen in the event that the downstream oxygen tubing is ignited. 
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  2. Drive Oxygen Flow Regulator 15 LPM
    Drive Oxygen Flow Regulator 15 LPM
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    • Drive Oxygen Flow Regulator 15 LPM Drive Medical 18302GN- 1 Each.
    • Standard Oxygen Regulator comes with Barb Outlet and has 0 to 15 LPM Liters per Minute Flow.
    • Drive regulators offer a protective contents gauge and a built-in pressure relief valve for safety
    • Easy to operate single selector knob
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Oxygen Cylinder Accessories and Supplies

The Oxygen Cylinder Accessories play a key role to ease the usage of oxygen cylinders,  besides making it more convenient for the users.

At The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, we offer a versatile line of oxygen cylinder accessories, such as oxygen conserving regulators, to simplify and enhance the effects of the patient’s oxygen therapy. If you are unsure about what parts of the oxygen cylinder meet your needs or have any questions, contact us today so we can assist in reviewing your options. 

Oxygen Cylinder Accessories and Supplies FAQ's

What Are Oxygen Cylinders?

Oxygen Cylinders provide an effective source of oxygen without the need for any power source. These tanks are filled with oxygen at high pressures and can be used as a portable source of oxygen, depending on the size of the tank. Oxygen cylinders can also provide an emergency source of oxygen in case of power outages. An oxygen cylinder regulator is a removable part that regulates how much oxygen is released. Oxygen regulators are available in Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose options. There are other accessories for oxygen cylinders such as carry bags which make it easier to take with you. Washers for oxygen regulators maintain the proper seal so that there are no leaks out of your oxygen tank and wrenches which allow you to open and close the valves for your oxygen cylinder.

What Is Continuous Flow For An Oxygen Cylinder?

Continuous Flow will allow oxygen to flow out whether you are inhaling or exhaling.

What Oxygen Cylinder Accessories Do We Offer?

We offer the following Oxygen Cylinder Accessories and Parts: 

  • Precision Medical EasyDial Regulator (lightweight oxygen regulator)
  • Precision Medical Easy Pulse 5+6 Oxygen Conserving Regulator
  • Plastic Oxygen Wrench with Chain by AG Industries
  • Dark Green Wrench for Oxygen Cylinders by Salter Labs
  • Brass & Viton Sure Seal Oxygen Washers
  • Shoulder Bag for C/M9 sized Oxygen Cylinders
  • Shoulder Bag for D Oxygen Cylinders
  • Wheelchair Carrying bag for D or E-size Oxygen Cylinders

What Is Pulse Dose For An Oxygen Cylinder?

Pulse Dose releases oxygen only when you inhale and pauses as you exhale. This allows your cylinder to last a much longer time.