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  1. Sunset Firesafe Thermal Shut-Off Valve Kit
    Sunset Firesafe Thermal Shut-Off Valve Kit
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    • Helps protect against oxygen tubing fires
    • Helps keep patients safe no matter what method of oxygen delivery they use
    • Offers a cost-effective solution to lower the risk of serious patient injury in an oxygen fire
    • Automatically stops the flow of oxygen in the event that the downstream oxygen tubing is ignited. 
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About Home Oxygen Concentrator Parts And Accessories

Home Oxygen Concentrator Accessories include carry cases, backpacks and carts, batteries, humidifiers and extra cannulas and tubing. Oxygen Concentrator Supplies offers accessories that are easily adjustable to Home Oxygen Concentrators and aid in delivering optimum oxygen therapy.

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FAQs On Home Oxygen Concentrator Supplies, Parts, And Accessories 

What is the tubing for the oxygen concentrators called?

The tubing for oxygen concentrators is called a nasal cannula, which is a flexible and small tube comprising two open prongs that are placed inside the nostrils. The tubing gets attached to the source of oxygen and provides a stable flow of oxygen to your nose.

How Often Should You Change Oxygen Concentrator Tubing?

It is recommended to change your oxygen concentrator tubing after every two months.

What Are The Various Lengths Of Oxygen Tubing?

The oxygen tubing comes in varied lengths including 7 inches, 25 inches, 14 inches, 50 inches, and 40 inches.

How Do Green And Clear Oxygen Tubing Differ From One Another?

Most individuals use regular clear tubing, which is simple for users with poor vision to overlook. Transparent tubing blends into the background, but green-colored tubing is more noticeable. Easily visible tubing prevents tripping over the tubing on the ground and falling, significantly decreasing the likelihood of accidents.

What Function Does The Water Bottle Perform During Oxygen Concentrator Therapy?

The air is moistened using a humidifier bottle connected to a home concentrator. After leaving the concentrator, the oxygen is filtered via water before being inhaled using a mask or nasal cannula.

How Frequently Should The Water In An Oxygen Concentrator Be Changed?

Use distilled water in the humidifier container and replace the water every day. Place your tubing in water and look for bubbles, if you are worried that there is not any oxygen flowing through it. There must be some flow through your tube if bubbles are visible.