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Tips for Oxygen Therapy

October 16, 2023
tips for oxygen therapy tips for oxygen therapy

This post was originally postd on November 19, 2020 and updated on October 16, 2023.

Oxygen therapy is a helpful, non-invasive approach for treating many respiratory illnesses. With devices such as oxygen concentrators, patients can receive treatment for chronic respiratory illnesses or conditions. The following tips for oxygen therapy at home can help ensure safe and effective treatment. 

Who Needs Oxygen Therapy?

Patients with respiratory illnesses such as COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis may all require oxygen therapy for long or short periods of time. Home oxygen therapy may also be used for individuals who have experienced trauma to the lungs due to an accident, recovery from heart failure or pneumonia. 

How Long Do I Have to Undergo Oxygen Therapy?

The duration of oxygen therapy depends on the nature of the respiratory condition. Many patients with chronic lung diseases may need oxygen therapy their whole life. In other instances, a severe bout of pneumonia or asthma may only require use of oxygen therapy for a brief period of time to assist with recovery. In most cases, treatment will be prescribed by a doctor.

Types of Oxygen Concentrators

The most common form of home oxygen therapy is an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators are available as both home and portable units. For those who only use oxygen therapy at home, home concentrators are often the best choice. Those with long-term conditions may prefer portable oxygen concentrators to give them more freedom in their daily life. 

Home Oxygen Concentrators

Home oxygen concentrators are stationary machines that can be moved around with casters. They deliver a continuous dose of supplemental oxygen and can be used with up to 50 feet of tubing. This ensures patients will receive accurate therapy throughout the house.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators are lighter in weight and more compact than their home counterparts. Designed for travel, they allow individuals with an on-going respiratory illness to take their oxygen therapy wherever they go. Portable oxygen concentrators provide oxygen in quick pulse doses, though some may also deliver a continuous flow of oxygen. These portable units often come with carrying cases and luggage attachments and can run on battery or AC/DC power.

Safety Tips for Oxygen Therapy

While oxygen concentrators are much safer than oxygen tanks, there are still some important oxygen therapy safety tips that need to be followed. 

No Smoking Near Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators and smoking do not go together. Never smoke while using your oxygen concentrator or allow smoking near the machine. Pure oxygen is flammable, and smoke can clog your concentrator’s filter.

Maintain Distance from Flammables

Keep your oxygen concentrator away from any flammable materials such as gasoline or aerosol sprays. 

Keep Away from Heat Sources

Keep your oxygen concentrator a safe distance from fireplaces or stovetops. Keep the device in a relatively cool, well-ventilated environment.

Avoidable Products: products with oil, grease, or petroleum

Commonly used lotions and creams that are petroleum-based are also flammable when used with an oxygen concentrator. Use water-based products instead. Never clean your oxygen concentrator with cleaners that include grease, oils, or lubricants. Wipe them down with a damp sponge or cloth.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

A fire extinguisher is essential for all home safety. The presence of an oxygen concentrator increases the risk for fires, especially if used continuously. Make sure you have the necessary safety equipment on hand. 

Notify Your Electric Department

If you rely on your oxygen concentrator for critical health and well-being, be sure to notify your electric utility. They will take note that during a power outage it is imperative that you regain electricity as a priority. 

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