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  1. Inogen One G3 Replacement Particle Filters (Flow Settings 1-5) - Two Filters
    Inogen One G3 Replacement Particle Filters (Flow Settings 1-5) - Two Filters
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    Replacement particle filters for the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator (2 pack)

    ** Note, these filters are for the Inogen One G3 model that goes up to 5 Pulse, not for the model that only goes up to 4 Pulse**

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  2. Inogen One G3 Battery
    Inogen One G3 Battery
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    Battery Type 8 Cell 16 Cell
    Battery Duration

    Pulse 1
    Pulse 2
    Pulse 3
    Pulse 4
    Pulse 5

    4.5 hr 
    4.0 hr 
    3.0 hr 
    2.0 hr 
    1.7 hr 
    9.5 hr
    8.5 hr
    6.0 hr
    4.0 hr
    3.3 hr
    Max Charge Time 4 hr 8 hr

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About Inogen One G3 Replacement Parts

We carry a wide variety of all the Inogen One G3 accessories and replacement parts. The Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is one of the most popular and well-trusted portable oxygen concentrators on the market. The Inogen One G3 is lightweight, weighing approximately 5 pounds, yet powerful with the ability of providing oxygen up to a setting of 5 on pulse dose. 

There are accessories for the Inogen One G3 designed to make it even more useful. Extended batteries can provide twice the amount of time available without needing to be plugged into an AC or DC power source. These are especially handy when going out for a day event or taking a flight to your favorite vacation spot. The external battery charger will charge your spare battery while you are away from home. The backpack is ideal for being able to have full use of your arms which is very convenient for shopping and hugging your grandkids. Replacement accessories such as filters will help ensure your Inogen One G3 keeps up with all the usage you will put it through now that you know that using oxygen is not as restrictive as you once thought. 

FAQs On Inogen One G3 Accessories And Replacement Parts

What Are The Inogen One G3 Batteries And Power Supplies Accessories Available?

The battery options included in the Inogen One G3 accessories allow for the active lifestyle you seek. There are two sizes of batteries—one with 8 cells and one with 16 cells. Battery power can handle settings from 1 to 4 in pulse dose oxygen. If you decide to purchase the battery accessories, you may also want to consider the external battery charger and convenient backpack to carry all your concentrator and all G3 accessories. It’s always a good idea to carry an extra G3 battery, already fully charged when you travel or leave home for an extended time. Batteries can be charged at least 300 times before they begin to lose the amount of charge they can hold. When a battery only holds around 80% of its charge, you know it is time to replace it. One additional feature that helps keep you on the go with the Inogen G3 is that you can be using the oxygen concentrator and simultaneously charge the batteries. You can do this while plugged into a wall socket, or via DC power from your vehicle using a cigarette lighter outlet while your car is running (so you do not drain the car battery to power your Oxygen Concentrator battery!). This way, if you are on a long drive, you can be powering your G3 battery accessories. Many people consider leaving the DC power adapter in their vehicle so that it is ready for use each time they travel with their concentrator.

It may even be a good idea to purchase batteries exclusively for vacation travel so you know they will be new and fully charged during your travels. You can have a set of batteries you also use around your home when you make day trips. These extra batteries, kept in the dash of your car, will always be available for use, and you can recharge them on your way back home. 

What Are The Different Types Of Particle Filters And Replacement Columns Available For Inogen One G3?

Additional particle filters and replacement columns are available accessories for maintenance to the Inogen G3. They come in packs of two, so you’ll always have them at the ready. We recommend that you replace the G3 gross particle filter between every 3 to 5 months. If you use the concentrator every day, all day, you will need to replace the filter every 3 months, and if you do not, you will need to replace the filter every 5 months. Regardless of the usage, we recommend that you clean the gross particle filter every 2 weeks with dish soap and water, and dry thoroughly.
Once a year, you should also change the Inogen G3 output filter. 

The unit comes with two columns. The Inogen One G3 replacement columns hold the sieve beds which are used to convert normal air into medical grade (pure) oxygen. Pure oxygen is essential for people diagnosed with COPD and other respiratory diseases.

Why Is A Backpack Or Carry Case Important For Inogen One G3?

There is no need for an oxygen cart to carry the Inogen One G3. Instead the unit is light enough to carry in either the backpack or carry case accessories. These accessories are important because they protect the Inogen from bumps, spills, and other accidents that may damage the unit as you move around with it. 

How Frequently And What Type Of Maintenance Will I Need To Do On The Inogen One G3?

Depending on how frequently you use the Inogen One G3 particle filter, you will need to change it every three to five months. If you use your concentrator continuously, then replacement is required every three months. If you use it for eight hours or fewer every day, then replacement is required every five months. To remove the dirt and debris that has built up during use, you must clean the filter every two weeks. Before reusing it, thoroughly clean, rinse, and dry. Using lukewarm water and light dish soap to properly clean the parts, and lay flat to dry is highly recommended. A professional should inspect your Inogen One G3 once a year, and during this time they should replace the output filter. Your machine will function well for many years to come with the minimal maintenance required.

Where Can I Purchase Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories?

The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has both an online business and a physical location at 159 Cooper Road, Suite 2, in West Berlin, New Jersey. We provide a range of nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, supplies, and accessories.

Call us at 888-941-1688 if you have any questions about the nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, or other accessories we sell. Your queries will be promptly answered by our experienced professionals, who can also assist you in making the proper product or device selection.