DeVilbiss Compact 525DS Oxygen Concentrator - Features and Benefits

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The Devilbiss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator is a lightweight, convenient home oxygen concentrator that can deliver up to 5 liters per minute (LPM) of continuous flow oxygen. The 525DS oxygen concentrator includes smooth flow wheel bearings and easy access handles on both the sides and top of the unit for easy movement. The device also comes with a built-in shelf for the humidifier bottle and an easy-to-read flow meter with a control dial.

Features and Benefits of DeVilbiss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator

  • The DeVilbiss 525DS includes a OSD® (Oxygen Sensing Device) for patient's safety and also the device's reliability to increase the time between each service interval.
  • Secondly, the recessed humidifier nook helps protect the humidifier bottle and prevent damage.
  • Additionally, the unit is compatible with oxygen tubing of up to 50 ft and cannula of up to 7 ft or 15.3 meters allowing for more freedom of movement for users.
  • Also, the easily accessible top and side handles make the unit simple to move around.
  • The DeVilbiss SmartTrack Concentrator Management System downloads critical equipment information, so your oxygen concentrator is always running at peak performance. 


The DeVilbiss 525DS is low maintenance and can be used by anyone. The air filter and connector should be cleaned at least once a week. Clean the concentrator exterior cabinet weekly by using a damp cloth and then wiping dry. In addition to the concentrator, clean and replace the cannula/mask, tubing, and humidifier bottle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Noise Level

The DeVilbiss 525DS provides a quiet operation compared to many other oxygen concentrators, so you can conduct oxygen therapy while watching TV or having a conversation with friends. At only 48 dBa, this oxygen concentrator can be used without disrupting your day, thus making oxygen therapy more tolerable and more peaceful.

Flow Setting

The DeVilbiss 525DS provides continuous flow settings up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute (LPM). Continuous flow oxygen delivers flow without interruption from the cannula and only stops when the concentrator is turned off. This continuous flow feature ensures the same amount of oxygen through the cannula regardless of the patients' breathing patterns. Therefore, this type of oxygen delivery allows the flow rate to be measured at a constant volume.

Oxygen Purity Level

Oxygen purity is very important for maintaining healthy oxygen therapy. Medical grade oxygen for an oxygen concentrator should be no less than 90.0% and no more than 96.0%. It’s also important to consider your altitude level when looking at ideal oxygen saturation levels. Therefore, the DeVilbiss 525DS provides 87% - 96% at all flow rates.

Ease of Use

The easy-to-use control panel is ideal for anyone who is not tech-savvy, including older individuals or someone just beginning oxygen therapy for the first time. Intuitive alerts also keep users up to date on operations. Moreover, with minimized complex controls and a streamlined design, the DeVilbiss 525DS can provide a frustration-free performance. 

DeVilbiss 525DS Stationery Design 

The minimal design features of the DeVilbiss 525DS compared to other oxygen concentrators provide a compact, lightweight unit that can be easily moved from room to room. Therefore, people who live active lifestyles can still go about their days doing their normal activities around the house.

The Pros and Cons of the DeVilbiss Compact 525DS Oxygen Concentrator

Pros of DeVilbiss 525DS

  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Accessible patient controls

Cons of DeVilbiss 525DS

  • Non-digital flow meter controls

Comparing the DeVilbiss 525DS Concentrator with its Respironics Evoflo Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrators:DeVilbiss Compact 525DS
 Oxygen Concentrator
Philips Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator
Best Features:- Turn-down technology ensures a cost-effective electricity usage
- The integrated OPI also alarms the users if the oxygen purity level falls below 86%
- Compact design
- Lightweight for easy transport
Disadvantages:- Bulkier compared to Everflo
- Not FAA approved
- Noisier than the DeVilbiss Compact 525DS
- More expensive
Price: $849.00$949.00

Warranty Options for DeVilbiss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator

The DeVilbiss 525DS Oxygen Concentrator has a limited 3-year warranty.

Is DeVilbiss 525DS FAA Approved?

The DeVilbiss 525DS is not FAA approved. 

DeVilbiss Compact 525DS Oxygen Concentrator - In the Box

  • DeVilbiss 525 Compact Home Concentrator
  • AC Power Cord
  • Pre-Installed Filter Kit
  • 1 Christmas Tree Adapter
  • User Manual 
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 5 Nasal Cannulas

Where Can I Buy the DeVilbiss Compact 525DS Oxygen Concentrator?

The DeVilbiss Compact 525DS Oxygen Concentrators are available at most medical equipment stores. You can also shop online at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions and help you make the oxygen concentrator purchase that best fits your needs. 

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