Nebulizer Supplies, Equipment, And Accessories

Nebulizer supplies include masks, filters, power cords, and adapters for nebulizer compressor machines. These accessories help extend the life of your nebulizer while also making treatment easy and effective. We carry a wide variety of nebulizer supplies that will help you achieve a smooth nebulizer therapy.

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Nebulizer Equipments, Supplies, And Accessories

Nebulizer supplies include power accessories, masks, filters, adapters, and cases. Many of the nebulizer accessories and supplies are specific to the particular manufacturer or nebulizer model. 

Nebulizer Equipments, Supplies, And Accessories FAQ's

Are Prescriptions Needed To Buy Nebulizer Supplies?

Yes, prescriptions are necessary if you want to buy any supplies or accessories for nebulizers. You will have to get a prescription from your primary care doctor according to Federal Laws.

What Are The Types Of Nebulizer Replacement Parts, Supplies, And Accessories?

Nebulizer Mouthpiece

A nebulizer mouthpiece is directly attached to the nebulizer and is used as a delivery method for the medication dispensed by the nebulizer. The nebulizer mouthpiece requires frequent replacement to reduce infection risks due to its close contact with the mouth.

Nebulizer Masks

The oxygen masks and nebulizer masks share similarities in usage and can act as a substitute for mouthpieces, as both aim for efficient medicine delivery, while covering the entire nose and mouth. 

Nebulizer Replacement Filters

Nebulizer filters are part of a compressor or jet nebulizer and are part of the air inlet. The filters require frequent changing to ensure that the nebulizer does not become a breeding ground for bacteria or molds.

Nebulizer Medicine Cup

Nebulizer medicine cups hold the liquid medication that is converted into a mist. You can find a range of nebulizer cups at The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop which is effective for both mouthpieces and masks.

How Are Nebulizers Powered?

Nebulizer power accessories include AC or DC cords, power adapters, and rechargeable batteries. The Philips InnoSpire Go, for example, comes with an integrated battery that is simply recharged using a power adapter. Meanwhile, The DeVilbiss Traveler or the Philips Respironics InnoSpire Mini have DC adapters for charging on the go.

Why Do You Need A Nebulizer Mask?

Nebulizer masks are designed to work with nebulizer machines to ensure the treatment is inhaled correctly. Pediatric masks vary from ones with pacifiers to different colors and designs, all to reduce the child’s anxiety during the treatment. Adult masks are available for home units as well as portable mesh nebulizers. The Philips InnoSpire Go LiteTouch mask is light and compact and simplifies treatment for those who struggle with using a mouthpiece.

Why Do I Need To Clean Nebulizer Supplies, Equipment And Accessories?

A nebulizer is an important device for effective oxygen therapy and needs to be extremely clean for healthy medicine delivery to the lungs. Not cleaning a nebulizer can lead to the growth of bacteria, algae, or fungus.

How Often Should I Clean My Nebulizer?

If you use a nebulizer regularly, you need to clean the excess medicine from the nebulizer after every use. The easiest way to do it is to clean the nebulizer with water after every use. Additionally, a nebulizer should be thoroughly cleaned every week. A weekly cleaning reduces the chances of infection and other health disorders.

Cleaning nebulizer supplies (including masks, tubing, and medicine cups) is very easy. Disassemble the nebulizer and its parts to soak it in vinegar and water for a minute. You can choose to rinse it with soap water before you air dry it out on a towel. Assemble the parts and your nebulizer is ready to be used again.

How Often Should I Replace My Nebulizer Replacement Parts And Accessories?

Nebulizer parts degrade over time and need to be replaced from time to time. Nebulizer accessories should never be used beyond their recommended time as that can cause problems for the nebulizer compressor.

Normally, nebulizer supplies and accessories should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the amount of use.

Where To Buy Nebulizer Accessories And Supplies?

The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has a brick-and-mortar store located at 159 Cooper Rd, Suite 2, West Berlin, NJ 08091. You can find all the different supplies for nebulizers and all oxygen concentrator equipment for your oxygen therapy needs.

If you need help finding the nebulizer accessories and supplies for your nebulizer, give us a call at 888-941-1688. Our customer care team is here to help!