SeQual Eclipse 5 And Caire FreeStyle Comfort Parts And Accessories

Traveling or just going for a walk just got easier! Available accessories include batteries and travel carts. At The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, we carry all the accessories to make it easier to take your Eclipse 5 with you.

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  1.  Caire SeQual Eclipse Accessory Kit
    Caire SeQual Eclipse Accessory Kit


    Battery Duration Pulse Continuous
    (based on Oxygen Setting)    


    5.4 hrs
    5.1 hrs
    4.9 hrs

    4.0 hrs
    3.7 hrs
    3.5 hrs
    2.5 hrs
    2.0 hrs
    1.7 hrs

    4.4 hrs
    3.7 hrs
    2.0 hrs
    1.3 hrs








    Max Charge Time              

    3 Hrs (while using External Charger)
    5 Hrs (while installed in the unit)



    * (Note: Battery duration is based on Oxygen setting) 
    ** Charge times subject to change based on Oxygen setting and power source.

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FAQs On SeQual Eclipse 5 Parts And Accessories

What Is The Advantage Of Using Caire FreeStyle Comfort Carry Bag?

The Caire FreeStyle Comfort Carry Bag makes it easy to transport portable oxygen concentrators while providing protection. The device is simple to place into the bottom of the bag and tightly zips around the pouch's base. While inserting the device into the bag, make sure the filters and battery holes are lined up correctly.

Is the Caire FreeStyle Backpack Comfortable To Use?

Absolutely, the FreeStyle Comfort Backpack is an efficient way to carry the device without using your hands. Use this relaxed, lightweight backpack for going shopping or playing golf. The soft padding and broad, adjustable straps let it rest comfortably against the shoulder while being used.

Is it Safe To Charge and Run My Eclipse 5 At The Same Time With A DC Charger On All settings?

It's entirely safe to use DC power to charge and use your Eclipse simultaneously on all settings. On earlier Eclipse models, you were only able to do this up to a specified setting without risking battery discharge. Because you may charge your battery before driving to your location, it is considerably more convenient. It's crucial to purchase a unique DC adaptor for each car you frequently travel in. If you shuffle them around too much, they might deteriorate more quickly. When you get into a different automobile, you can also forget to transfer the one you use.

Why Does My Caire Oxygen Concentrator Have A Yellow Light?

A yellow light is frequently a sign of inadequate oxygen supply. Even when utilizing your oxygen concentrator, you can notice that the airflow seems to be lessened. If the filters are unclean or need to be replaced, they can decrease the flow of oxygen. Additionally, kinks or twists in the tubing can restrict oxygen flow.

How to Put the Caire SeQual Eclipse Protective Cover On The Machine?

Make sure the Eclipse 5 is turned off and disconnected before putting it in its case. To ensure that the concentrator does not come in contact with dirt or moisture that can be trapped inside the casing, you should first wipe it off with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.

The Eclipse 5's front should be parallel to the case's front, which has the Eclipse logo. When you slide the concentrator down inside, make sure the zipper is completely open. Having positioned the concentrator with the case's front, slowly drop it through the opening until it settles at the bottom.

When you need to replace the battery, you may access it by unzipping the casing. When you need to charge the battery while seated, you can also easily access the holes for the power supply. Using the strong straps on the rear of the case, fasten the Eclipse 5 to the rolling cart. You may now connect the cannula and turn it on for use.

Where Can I Get Caire FreeStyle Comfort And SeQual Eclipse 5 Parts And Accessories?

The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has an online store where you can purchase SeQual Eclipse 5 accessories, or you may also stop by our offline store located in West Berlin, New Jersey, at 159 Cooper Road, Suite 2. We provide a large selection of home and portable oxygen concentrators, as well as home and portable nebulizers, accessories, and supplies.

We have expert support that provides customer service to answer your questions and direct you toward the best device or product. If you have any concerns about  oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, or other accessories, you can always reach us at 888-941-1688 or