Philips Willis the Whale Nebulizer System


  • 3.5 pounds
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Fast, efficient treatment
  • 5-year warranty

Willis the Whale Nebulizer System for Children - Overview

Willis the Whale is another kid-friendly nebulizer design from Philips Respironics to help support compliance with respiratory therapy. Combined with the effective SideStream Nebulizer, the Willis the Whale compressor ensures quick treatment times. Treatment delivery can be completed either with the standard SideStream mouthpiece or the Tucker the Turtle facemask.

Philips Willis the Whale Nebulizer Is Easy to Maintain

Willis the Whale nebulizer requires minimal maintenance. Filters should be checked regularly - replace them if they become discolored, damaged or wet. Do not operate the compressor system without a filter installed.

Disposable SideStream nebulizers (HS800) should be replaced every 14 days. If using a reusable SideStream (HS860 & HS870) replace them every 6 months. Proper care and cleaning of the SideStream medicine cup and mouthpiece may extend the life of the unit.

To clean nebulizer components, rinse excess medication from the medicine cup after each use and hand wash with warm water and mild detergent. Disinfect nebulizer components once a week by placing a few drops of mild detergent in a pot of boiling water and allowing the parts to boil for 10 minutes.

For the compressor base, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Willis the Whale makes respiratory therapy simple and fun. If you feel that your child could benefit from this form of treatment, consult their physician.

Willis the Whale Compressor Nebulizer Is Fun To Inhale

As a kid-friendly compressor nebulizer, Willis was created to make therapy comfortable for kids and minimize some of the pressure associated with the recovery process. Decreasing treatment-related stress makes the kid feel more relaxed and increases the likelihood that therapy will be successful.

Willis the Whale Nebulizer Continuously Generates High-Quality Aerosol

SideStream can deliver high-quality aerosol treatment to your child on a regular basis. SideStream is designed to withstand repetitive and frequent use, making it a reliable and durable option for your child's nebulizer medicine.

Philips Willis the Whale Nebulizer System - In the Box

  •  Willis the Whale Compressor with Carrying Case
  •  5 Extra Filters
  •  Disposable SideStream Nebulizer
  •  Tucker the Turtle Pediatric Mask
  •  User Manual 
  •  5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

How To Use Philips Willis the Whale Compressor Nebulizer System?

The Philips Respironics Willis Whale nebulizer is simple to use. Simply attach the tubing to the outlet port, connect the medicine cup, insert the medicine, secure the lid and attach either the nebulizer mouthpiece or facemask. Turn the device on and breathe slowly.

The Venturi air-venting system of the SideStream combined with the compressor base guarantees fast, effective treatment - receive a full dose in as little as 6 minutes! Once treatment is complete, turn the device off, remove the nebulizer and rinse any excess medication from the cup.

The proven Philips SideStream nebulizer works by pushing compressed air through the tubing into the medication chamber. SideStream is designed to boost airflow via its venturi system in order to substantially decrease treatment time and quickly administer the drug. The diamond jet design ensures that frequent use doesn't result in wear on the device and also consistently provides high-quality aerosol. The SideStream’s output is increased by more than 140% compared to a traditional nebulizer. SideStream will provide consistent drug delivery time after time, making a Philips SideStream Nebulizer an ideal choice for aerosol drug delivery you can trust.

Setting up the Respironics Willis Whale Compressor Nebulizer System

  • Place the Willis Whale nebulizer on a firm flat surface near an electrical outlet in an area where the user can be seated comfortably during their treatment.
  • Check the filter. If it is clogged, dirty, or wet, replace it before use. A dirty filter can impair the proper operation and cause serious damage to the device.
  • Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.

Setting Up the SideStream Nebulizer

  • Fit the SideStream nebulizer cup and air tubing together.
  • Attach the other end of the tubing to the air outlet on the compressor. Both ends of the tubing are the same.

Preparing the Medication

  • When you are ready to add the medication, unscrew the top of the SideStream nebulizer cup and pour in the prescribed medication. The SideStream nebulizer cup is suitable for 2mm to 10mm doses.
  • Screw the top back onto the nebulizer cup and attach either the nebulizer mouthpiece or the face mask.
  • Don't lay the SideStream down on its side because the medicine will spill.
  • You can use the parking post on your device to secure the SideStream when not in use.

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More Information on Philips Respironics Willis the Whale Nebulizer Compressor System

Dimensions: 11x7.5x5.5 inches
Product Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Warranty: 5 Years
Manufacturer/Brand: Philips Respironics
Maximum Pressure: 29 - 43.5 PSI
Average Liter Flow: 6 LPM
Particle Size <5 microns when using a SideStream medicine cup
Operating Pressure: Performance may vary depending on altitude above sea level
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