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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are devices used to provide oxygen therapy for patients in need of more oxygen than what is available in ambient air. These devices work by filtering the oxygen from the air to provide supplemental oxygen as needed. Portable oxygen concentrators are smaller and lighter than home oxygen concentrators and are designed to be easily carried while on the go. Portable oxygen concentrators can be plugged into an AC outlet at home, in a DC outlet in the car, or cord-free with a battery. All of the POCs that we carry are FAA-approved for use on airplanes.

FAQs Portable Oxygen Concentrators

What Are The Advantages of A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Portable oxygen concentrators are comparatively less dangerous than traditional oxygen concentrators as they do not have any issues with rupturing. Moreover, portable oxygen concentrators provide a constant flow of oxygen and do not require you to replace an oxygen tank. Lastly, the increased mobility because the patient can receive oxygen without carrying around a tank.

Portability, lightweight, and easy to use, portable oxygen concentrators are quickly replacing the dated oxygen tank models. And, as they continue to become smaller and smaller, they are gaining more and more popularity.

What Are The Portable Oxygen Concentrator Delivery Mechanisms?

Portable oxygen concentrators offer two types of oxygen delivery mechanisms: Pulse dose and Continuous-flow.

Pulse Dose:

Pulse dose settings deliver oxygen only when the patient inhales and stops when the patient exhales. This allows for less effort on your portable oxygen concentrator, thus reducing battery usage compared to the continuous flow mode. This pulse dose option is not available in home oxygen concentrators but is available in all portable O2 concentrators. Smaller POCs (under 6 lbs. in weight) tend to be pulse dose-only. Note: Your prescription will need to state your pulse dose setting

Continuous Flow:

delivers a constant rate of oxygen regardless of inhalation or exhalation. POCs can be hooked up to PAP machines in this mode. Since oxygen is continually flowing, the POC uses more battery power. Because portable O2 concentrators capable of continuous flow may be bigger, they tend to allow for higher oxygen demands. Note: Not all POCs have continuous mode.

How Long Does The Portable Oxygen Concentrator Last?

The majority of oxygen concentrators are made while keeping durability in mind as these machines tend to deliver oxygen therapy during time of travelling or accomplishing daily activities. A portable oxygen concentrator typically lasts about 5-7 years.

What To Consider While Picking a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

There are five key factors to choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator:


Your prescription will determine whether you need a pulse dose or continuous flow mode.


Pulse dose-only machines tend to be lighter whereas continuous flow machines are heavier but allow for greater oxygen demand.

Battery duration:

Higher prescribed pulse dose or continuous flow settings will drain the battery quicker.

Battery options:

If you want to travel and stay active, consider extra batteries or extended battery options.

Mobility accessories:

Some portable oxygen concentrators have backpack or travel cart options for added mobility.

It is possible to reclaim your life and independence with a lightweight, easy-to-use portable oxygen concentrator. If you are unsure which product best meets your needs, our team can answer questions and help walk you through your options.

How To Choose a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

It may be difficult for patients that require oxygen treatment to know which portable oxygen concentrator is better and where to purchase one. Oxygen concentrators, with a range of different features and devices, come in several different shapes and sizes. Some units can suit you better than others, based on your prescription, particular needs, lifestyle, and your doctor's recommendations. Today, there are many fantastic brands and styles on the market, but it's important to choose a seller online that delivers outstanding customer service and excellent pricing, so you can be assured that you're getting just what you need.

Why Buy A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

More and more people want to go mobile for their oxygen therapy because of the flexibility and freedom that these units will offer. The latest technologies available in portable oxygen concentrators can make your life so much more comfortable and boost your confidence during your everyday activities. Portable oxygen concentrators, without the inconvenience of conventional oxygen tanks, deliver an infinite supply of oxygen.

What Is The Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Philips Respironics, Inogen One, and Caire are included in the many authentic, highly valued brands you might enjoy. Our large variety of portable oxygen concentrators for sale is sure to satisfy your needs. We offer the most popular, compact, lightweight units that are ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. With all the accessories you need, plus excellent warranties and customer service, The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has made it more convenient to buy a portable oxygen concentrator online.

How To Get Started With Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

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What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?
What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?
A portable oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps deliver oxygen therapy to people who have low levels of oxygen in their blood. These individuals require higher oxygen concentration than available in ambient air. You can simply plug in the portable oxygen concentrator to an electrical...
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