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  • Compatible with CoughAssist T70
  • Latex-Free
  • Available in Infant, Toddler, and Adult S, M, L.
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Cough Assist Face Mask Overview

The Philips Respironics CoughAssist T70 machine is a non-invasive treatment to help patients clear secretions from the lungs. The machine does this by providing air pressure through a tube and mask interface and stimulating a cough from the patient.

These latex-free Philips Respironics face masks are made for use with CoughAssist units and are available in various adult and pediatric sizes.

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Cough Assist Mask Adult size (LxWxH)
Small 4.53x3.74x3.19
Medium 4.84x4.02x3.54
Large 4.92x4.33x3.54

Cough Assist Mask Kid's Sizes (LxWxH)
Infant 2.76x2.60x1.93
Toddler 3.46x3.15x2.32
CoughAssist Face Mask - Customer Questions
Are these masks only compatible with the Philips Respironics CoughAssist T70?
The masks are compatible with the CoughAssist T70 but we cannot say for certain that they are compatible with other cough assist machines as there are a variety of tubes and connectors that may or may not fit properly.
How frequently should the CoughAssist Mask be cleaned or replaced?
The CoughAssist mask should be cleaned after every use with mild soap and water. A dirty or oily mask may cause irritation and may prevent a proper seal. The mask should be replaced if it is torn or if it requires to be pressed extra strong against the face to create a proper seal
Does the CoughAssist mask come with the tubing?
The mask can be purchased on it’s own or in a replacement kit. The replacement kit will include a mask of your choice, bacteria filter, tubing and mask adapter.
How To Determine The Correct Size For Your Cough Assist Face Mask?
When fitting your mask, both the nose and mouth should fit comfortably inside the cushion. The lower edge of the mask should sit just below the bottom lip. The upper edge should sit comfortably on the nose bridge, as shown in the picture guide above. Please note that tubing and adapters are not included in this purchase.
How To Care For Your Cough Assist Face Mask?
The CoughAssist Face Mask should be cleaned regularly with soap and water. Let it air dry completely before reconnecting it to your CoughAssist unit. It is recommended that you replace these face masks every 3-6 months. Inspect them regularly for tears, cleanliness, and other deteriorations.
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CoughAssist Face Mask