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DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Adapter

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AC Power adapter for the DeVilbiss iGo portable oxygen concentrator.


The AC power adapter comes standard with the DeVilbiss iGo portable oxygen concentrator. When the AC power adapter is plugged in and connected to the iGo, the battery will automatically charge whether the iGo is operating or turned off.


User Guide

AC Operation
The DeVilbiss iGo includes a universal AC Adapter which attaches to the AC Power Cord for use at home or where standard AC power is available. To use AC power:
1. Connect the AC Adapter by aligning the arrow on the plug locking ring with the white dot on the receptacle of the unit. Push until the locking ring twists slightly
counterclockwise then snaps back into alignment with the dot on the receptacle. To disconnect: grasp the plug, twist counterclockwise and pull. When properly
connected, a green indicator light on the AC Adapter will illuminate, and the External Power Present light will appear on the control panel.
2. Connect the AC Power Cord to the AC Adapter and to a grounded power outlet. Do not connect the iGo to an extension cord or to an electrical outlet controlled by a wall
switch. No other appliances should be plugged into the wall outlet.
NOTE – Use with grounded, 3-pin receptacle. DO NOT remove ground pin from cord. Use only with DeVilbiss approved cords.
NOTE – The AC Power Cord used with the iGo must meet the requirements of the country where the product is used.

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DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Adapter - Customer Questions
Can I leave the DeVilbiss iGo plugged in continuously even though the battery is fully charged?
Yes. The DeVilbiss iGo stops charging the battery once it is full. There is no danger in leaving the iGo plugged in.
Can I use the DeVilbiss iGo without a battery pack?
Yes. The DeVilbiss iGo can be operated from an external power source if the battery pack is not installed. Make sure you always have your AC and DC power cords available.
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