DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack


Battery Duration Pulse Continuous
(based on Oxygen Setting)


5.4 hr
4.7 hr
4.0 hr
3.5 hr
3.2 hr
3.0 hr

4.0 hr
2.4 hr
1.6 hr

Max Charge Time 4.5 hrs

DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack Overview

Although a rechargeable battery is included with the DeVilbiss iGo portable oxygen concentrator, keeping extra batteries on hand is usually a smart idea. On Setting 2, each battery will last roughly 4.7 hours. The battery will automatically recharge when connected to AC power.

DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack Features

  • In case of a power failure, the DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack provides constant support without interruptions. 
  • The battery discharges in 2 hours at the highest settings but can last up to 5 hours with normal oxygen flow settings
  • The battery requires a cool environment as extreme temperature may increase the charging time. 

User Guide

DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack Parts

  1. DeVilbiss iGo AC Power Adapter
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DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack - Customer Questions
Will the run time of the DeVilbiss iGo battery pack change?
Yes. As lithium ion batteries age, the duration of operation will decline. The DeVilbiss iGo battery pack may operate at as low as 80% of its usual life when it was new.
Can I leave the DeVilbiss iGo plugged in continuously even though the battery is fully charged?
Yes. The DeVilbiss iGo stops charging the battery once it is full. There is no danger in leaving the iGo plugged in.
Can I use the DeVilbiss iGo without a battery pack?
Yes. The DeVilbiss iGo can be operated from an external power source if the battery pack is not installed. Make sure you always have your AC and DC power cords available.
How To Get Started With The DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack?
The new battery for the DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator does not come fully charged out of the box. Before you use it with your oxygen concentrator for the first time, you need to completely discharge the battery and charge it to full for the best results. Steps to Start Using the DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack With battery power only, use the oxygen concentrator until the battery...
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DeVilbiss iGo Replacement Battery Pack