Sidestream Nebulizer with Pediatric Mask Disposable

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Ideal for use with Philips Respironics Sidestream nebulizers.

Reusable Sidestream Nebulizer:

    - Compatible with standard compressor nebulizer systems
    - Provides maximum aerosol quality and respirable output
    - Features Venturi design that offers faster drug delivery with shorter treatment times
    - Reusable, meaning it can be used for six months without replacing

Sidestream Nebulizer with Pediatric Mask Disposable Parts

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Sidestream Nebulizer with Pediatric Mask Disposable - Customer Questions
How do I clean and disinfect my nebulizer mouthpiece and tubing?
Nebulizer equipment such as the tubing and medicine cup should be cleaned after each use and sanitized at least weekly. After Each Treatment -
Disconnect the medicine cup from the tubing and unscrew the top of the medicine cup.  Rinse the medicine cup and mouthpiece under a strong stream of warm water.  You can also fill the medicine cup with a bit of clean water and run the...
Do I need to breathe differently during my nebulizer treatment?
Every 4-6 breaths, take a deep slow breath and then hold it for about 5 seconds if possible. This will allow the medicine to reach the deeper parts of the lung. The rest of the time, just breathe normally. If you are using a mouthpiece, be sure to inhale through your mouth and exhale either through the nose or mouth.
Why is there water in my jet nebulizer tubing?
There should never be any liquid in the tube. If there is, then run the compressor with only the tube attached to it. This will flush out any moisture. To prevent liquid in the tubing: • Do not overfill the neb cup with medication. Most cups hold enough for 8-10 ml which may be the equivalent of 3 unit dose medications.
• Do not rinse off your neb cup while it is still attached...
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Sidestream Nebulizer with Pediatric Mask Disposable