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Philips Respironics SimplyGo Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

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Battery DurationPulse DoseContinuous Flow
(based on Oxygen Setting)



3.4 hrs
3.0 hrs
2.2 hrs
1.7 hrs
1.3 hrs
1.3 hrs

2.9 hrs
1.6 hrs
0.9 hrs

Max Charge Time3 hrs
* (Note: Battery duration is based on Oxygen setting) 
** Charge times subject to change based on Oxygen setting and power source.

*Please note shipments of individual batteries to locations outside of the U.S. are restricted.

Genuine Philips Respironics replacement battery for the SimplyGo Concentrator. (Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, Smart Battery Technology)

The SimplyGo Battery is equipped with smart battery technology, utilizing electronics to communicate with the SimplyGo, in order to monitor and control all aspects of it's operation. The sophisticated electronics maximizes energy density and cycle life ensuring all cells in the battery pack perform at optimal levels. The smart aspects of the battery provide highly accurate and precise battery level gauging, and communicates critical data on the state and health of the battery.


How To Install The Simplygo Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery?

1. Place your device in a well-ventilated location and make sure it is turned off.

Caution: Only remove the battery when the SimplyGo is turned off. Never remove the battery while the device is operating.

2. To remove the battery, insert your fingers into the opening in the battery handle. Steadily pull upward on the handle until the battery is released from the enclosure. Continue to lift the battery until it is entirely removed from the battery compartment. If the device has been operating, the surfaces may be warm to the touch. This is normal.

3. Check the battery gauge (shown below). To do so, press the white button (shown below) on the battery and watch how many LEDs light up. If the batteries are low, you can recharge them. See the Charging the Battery with AC Power Supply section.

4. To insert the battery, insert your fingers into the opening in the battery handle and grip the handle between your fingers and thumb. Position the battery over the battery compartment in the top, rear corner of the SimplyGo enclosure with your fingers pointing toward the handle. The battery compartment is shaped so that there is only one way the battery can be inserted and this will align the battery correctly. Lower the battery into its compartment until the handle contacts the equipment enclosure. Firmly push on the battery handle until it snaps into place in the enclosure top.

5. After the battery is inserted, check to make sure the battery handle is level with or slightly below the top of the plastic case.

6. Momentarily depress the Power key, and the following should occur:

  • The LCD and the 5 Key backlights turn ON
  • The screen shown here displays on the LCD

If you do not see the battery symbol or the device does not turn On, the battery is not installed correctly. Re-insert the battery and make sure it snaps in place.


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Philips Respironics SimplyGo Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - Customer Questions
Can I use the SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator while it’s plugged into the AC power supply?
Yes, you can. The SimplyGo can be used while plugged into the wall outlet. It will simultaneously charge the battery as well.
Should I unplug the AC power cord if the Philips Respironics SimplyGo battery is fully charged?
It is recommended that you disconnect the SimplyGo from the wall outlet once the battery is fully charged unless you are using the SimplyGo.
Should I remove the battery if I want to run the SimplyGo using the AC power supply only?
You should never run the SimplyGo without the battery installed.
Do I need to have the battery installed if I am using the SimplyGo car power cord?
Yes. The battery should be installed if you are using your SimplyGo with the DC cord. Depending on the setting your SimplyGo is set to, the battery may charge...
How long do I charge the SimplyGo battery?
The battery for the SimplyGo can be charged while it is installed inside the unit and the unit being connected using the AC wall power cord. While using the ...
Can you take extra batteries for your portable oxygen concentrator when you fly?
FAA guidelines state that you can bring your portable oxygen concentrator on board with you during flight. Typically, you are required enough battery life for...
How long will my portable oxygen concentrator battery last?
Battery duration depends on the specific POC you have. The concentrator setting also dictates the duration of your battery (Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Mode). - Continuous Mode requires more power thus, depletes batteries more quickly than Pulse Dose<...
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