How long will my portable oxygen concentrator battery last?

Battery duration depends on the specific POC you have. The concentrator setting also dictates the duration of your battery (Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Mode).

- Continuous Mode requires more power thus, depletes batteries more quickly than Pulse Dose
- The higher the oxygen setting prescribed, the quicker the battery will deplete.
- Many Portable Concentrators have battery upgrades which are more powerful. Other Portable Concentrators allow for external or additional batteries. These options allow for more freedom for the patient.
- Your breath rate also affects the duration of your battery.

To determine battery life, consider the following:

  1. Charge your battery all night long the 1st night you have your POC.
  2. The following morning, write down the time you start using your POC and do your usual routine of daily activities. *Be sure you have your alternate oxygen source around*
  3. Once your Low Battery Alarm sounds, write down how long it lasted. This will give you an indication of your battery life.
  4. Remember that there are slight variables that affect battery life for each individual such respiration rate.
  5. Like any other battery, the wear and tear from daily use will affect the duration.
If you are considering upgrading your battery options, please visit our FAQ on Extra Batteries/External Battery Chargers. Or call in and consult with one of our Experts!
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