Automatic CPAP Machines

What is APAP?
APAP stands for automatic positive airway pressure. Unlike a standard CPAP machine, APAP machines are designed to automatically adjust the air pressure they deliver based on the user’s needs. Learn more about whether an APAP can fit your needs.
How does auto CPAP work?
APAP machines provide a constant flow of air pressure between a minimum set point and a maximum set point. The air pressure automatically adjusts to the user’s needs by using breathing sensors to determine if more or less air pressure is needed. Read more on how an APAP works.
What is the difference between standard and auto CPAP?
Standard CPAP is commonly referred to as fixed pressure CPAP. This means that the machine is only set to one air pressure throughout the night. This pressure is determined to be the minimum amount of pressure needed to keep an individual’s airway open throughout the night. Auto CPAP delivers air by automatically adjusting the pressure, based on the individual’s needs. The machine’s sensors detect...
Is APAP better than CPAP?
APAP can sometimes provide a more accurate therapy than CPAP, as the air pressure provided can change based on the user’s needs. This can result in fewer apnea events per night. Here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits of using an auto-adjusting CPAP machine. Your physician can help you determine...
Does insurance pay for Auto CPAP?
The CPAP Shop does not work directly with any insurance companies. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions directly to our customers. However, CPAP equipment and supplies may qualify for reimbursement. Here’s a look at how high deductible insurance plans can impact pricing. Please contact your insurance...
What is the best APAP machine?
The CPAP Shop sells a wide variety of CPAP and APAP machines to effectively manage sleep apnea treatment. The best machine is the one that allows users to get the most accurate therapy, while still maintaining a level of comfort that will keep them compliant with their treatment. Here’s our review of the best machines available today. Our customer...
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