BIPAP Machines

How should I choose a BiPAP machine?
Our website has all the necessary details required for you to choose a suitable BiPAP machine. If you have been prescribed BiPAP therapy by a physician, then you will be able to choose the appropriate machine easily. If you need assistance, our customer care team is always available at 866.414.9700.
Can I change the pressure setting of my BiPAP machine myself?
No, you should not change the pressure settings on your PAP machine on your own. These settings are prescribed to ensure you get appropriate, accurate therapy for your sleep apnea. Ask your doctor or purchase SimpleRx for an updated prescription with the new settings...
How often should I clean a BiPAP machine’s tubes and hoses?
You should clean your BiPAP machine’s hoses and tubing once a week with a solution of mild liquid dish soap and distilled water. Let them air dry completely after rinsing thoroughly.
How do I prevent excessive gas and abdominal bloating while using a BiPAP?
Excess gas and abdominal bloating are common complaints among some BiPAP users. This happens when air is inadvertently swallowed while using the BiPAP machine. To get rid of the gas and bloating, simply elevate the level of your head prior to falling asleep. If the problem still persists, consult your physician for advice.
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