DeVilbiss Chad Oxymizer Pendant Nasal Cannula

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  • Oxygen reservoir provides more oxygen per breath.
  • Requires continuous oxygen flow.
  • Can increase the battery life of portable concentrators.
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Chad Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserver Pendant
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DeVilbiss Chad Oxymizer Pendant Nasal Cannula
DeVilbiss Chad Oxymizer Pendant Nasal Cannula

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    DeVilbiss Oxymizer Nasal Cannula - Overview

    The Oxymizer Pendant is a disposable oxygen conserver and reservoir that can be used for portable oxygen therapy. The device is simple, disposable, and does not require any battery or power to function.

    The Oxymizer pendant nasal cannula is a conserving device that can provide a continuous flow of oxygen to maintain adequate oxygen saturation in cases of significant lowering of oxygen levels in the body. The device can be used with all portable and home oxygen concentrators that can provide continuous flow of oxygen. Moreover, it is also compatible with oxygen tanks and liquid oxygen systems.

    The Oxymizer reduces the amount of total oxygen provided while reaching saturation levels and increasing the amount of oxygen flow during early inspiration. This innovative method reduces waste and costs associated with continuous flow oxygen by up to a 4:1 ratio. Patients who have high-liter flow settings or who are currently unable to tolerate traditional conserving devices can benefit from this product. Patients may easily eat, drink, and converse while using the Oxymizer instead of an oxygen mask. For advice on the flow rate to use with the Oxymizer, please speak with your doctor.

    Chad Oxymizer Pendant Nasal Cannula - Features And Benefits

    • Provide up to 15 LPM of continuous flow oxygen
    • Provides the delivery of continuous oxygen in all settings including home, travel, hospital and more.
    • Delivers oxygen in a 4:1 sharing ratio for an optimal oxygen delivery
    • Nasal cannula provides an effective alternative for masks allowing the user to eat, drink, or talk easily
    • Proven effective for oxygen therapy during rest, sleep, or exercise
    • Disposable and does not require any battery or power
    • Pendant model features the reservoir which is hidden underneath the clothing

    Prescription Required

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    Usage: Designed for use with all continuous flow oxygen delivery systems.

    Product Description: The Oxymizer® pendant is a disposable oxygen conserving device used in the routine nasal administration of supplemental oxygen. It contains an oxygen conserving reservoir in an easy-to-conceal pendant

    DeVilbiss Chad Oxymizer Pendant Nasal Cannula - Customer Questions
    What are the Benefits Of Using Chad Oxymizer Pendant?
    The reduction of the oxygen flow in oxygen concentrators allows for a longer battery life. If used properly, the lower rate of oxygen flow helps the maintenance of adequate oxygen levels in the body The use of the oxidizer pendant reduces dryness of the throat and nasal irritations, which are common side-effects of high-flow oxygen. The lower flow of oxygen eliminates the requirement for a humidifier...
    How Do I Wear the Oxymizer Nasal Cannula?
    Gently uncoil the tube. With the front of the Pendant facing away from you, hold the oxymizer device. The prongs of the nasal cannula oxymizer should be placed so your nostrils can easily accommodate the cannula. The prongs should reach deep within and point backward toward your nose. Place the nasal prongs to your nostrils and guide the tubing on your cheekbones. Loop the tubing around your ears...
    How Often Will I Have To Replace My Oxymizer Pendant?
    After about three weeks, the oxygen-conserving devices, including the Oxymizer Pendant, should be changed. Depending on how often the device is used, more frequent replacement may be required for cleaning and sanitation.
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    DeVilbiss Chad Oxymizer Pendant Nasal Cannula