What are the Benefits Of Using Chad Oxymizer Pendant?

  • The reduction of the oxygen flow in oxygen concentrators allows for a longer battery life.
  • If used properly, the lower rate of oxygen flow helps the maintenance of adequate oxygen levels in the body
  • The use of the oxidizer pendant reduces dryness of the throat and nasal irritations, which are common side-effects of high-flow oxygen.
  • The lower flow of oxygen eliminates the requirement for a humidifier during oxygen therapy

When using the Oxymizer Pendant, it is important to remember that all patients react differently to the reduction of oxygen flow. If you are planning on using an Oxymizer, it is best to consult a physician and determine the lower settings of oxygen. This is also important as flow settings for the Oxymizer pendant are not similar to that of traditional nasal cannulas.

Note: Oxymizer pendants are a prescription-required item.

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