Invacare Battery Pack for Invacare Platinum Mobile

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1 Year Warranty
Battery Duration 
One Battery Two Batteries

Pulse 1
Pulse 2
Pulse 3
Pulse 4
Pulse 5

5.0 hr
3.5 hr
2.3 hr
1.7 hr 
1.7 hr 
10  hr
7.0 hr
4.7 hr
3.5 hr
3.5 hr
Max Charge Time 2.3 hr 4.6 hr


This supplemental battery pack for the Invacare Platinum Mobile portable oxygen concentrator can easily be recharged using the optional desktop battery charger (POC1-115), or when connected to the Platinum Mobile concentrator. One battery will last approximately 5 hours on pulse setting 1. Swap the batteries out easily without removing the unit from the carrying bag. No need to turn the unit off when swapping batteries.

The battery charge levels are on display with a built-in indicator, so you will always know if your battery needs to be recharged.

When the battery D is removed from the concentrator, press the battery status button C to show the status of the charge level on the battery gauge A. Refer to the charge level B table in Reading the Battery Gauge for Installed and Uninstalled Battery(s) in Setup.

* Note: Battery duration is based on Oxygen setting
** Charge times subject to change based off of Oxygen setting and power source.

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Invacare Battery Pack for Invacare Platinum Mobile - Customer Questions
Can you take extra batteries for your portable oxygen concentrator when you fly?
FAA guidelines state that you can bring your portable oxygen concentrator on board with you during flight. Typically, you are required enough battery life for your concentrator to last 1.5 times the duration of the flight. That means that if you need extra batteries to meet that requirement, you can bring ...
How long will my portable oxygen concentrator battery last?
Battery duration depends on the specific POC you have. The concentrator setting also dictates the duration of your battery (Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Mode). - Continuous Mode requires more power thus, depletes batteries more quickly than Pulse Dose
- The higher the oxygen setting prescribed, the quicker the battery will deplete.
- Many Portable Concentrators have battery upgrades which are...
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