Can I charge my portable oxygen concentrator in my car?

Using your portable oxygen concentrator (POC) in your car is possible as the POC can draw power from your DC power source (if the car has one). However, charging the battery while using the POC may not be possible in all cases. 

What kind of POC you have? 

Some POCs can be used at certain settings while still charging the battery. This means that maybe on a Pulse setting of 2 lpm there will be enough power to run and charge the battery. But at a Pulse setting of 4 lpm, there may only be enough power to run the POC but not charge the battery simultaneously.  Please discuss with the equipment supplier about these issues.

Your POC may be used while plugged into your car/motor home/boat DC power source. However, some vehicles may not have enough electrical capacity to charge the battery simultaneously. At higher settings, your POC is less likely to be able to charge your battery while simultaneously using your POC. Small electrical or hybrid cars may not be able to run the POC while charging the battery simultaneously.

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