How Does the Roscoe Dinosaur Pediatric Nebulizer System Work?

The Roscoe Dinosaur Nebulizer has a single-button design, making it easy for your child to take an active role in their respiratory therapy. Simply fill the medicine cup with the prescribed amount of medicine, attach either the mouthpiece or the pediatric face mask to one end, and the nebulizer tubing to the other. Ensure that the tubing is also connected to the dinosaur base and press the On button.

If your child is using the mouthpiece, make sure they place it firmly between their teeth. If using the face mask, either hold it firmly over their nose and mouth or use the elastic band to secure it around their head. Tell them to breathe slowly to allow the medicine to fully penetrate their lungs.

When treatment is finished, the nebulizer will begin to make a sputtering sound. Turn the compressor off, disconnect the tubing and rinse all excess medicine out of the cup. Make sure nebulizer parts are air dry before storing or using again. Only use the nebulizer as prescribed by the doctor.

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