How long does the battery for the SimplyGo Mini last?

There are 2 sizes of batteries for the SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator. The standard battery provides up to 6 hours of oxygen when on Pulse Dose setting of 1. The extended battery lasts twice as long.

Note: Battery duration times will degrade with battery age, environmental operating conditions, and use over time. To maximize battery life, please see the Caring for Your Battery section of this manual. If the battery is near the end of its useful life, you may experience battery durations of approximately two-thirds that of a new device.

Below is a chart with battery duration based on prescribed settings

Battery Duration
Pulse Dose Setting Standard Battery Extended battery
1 6.0 hr 12 hr
2 4.5 hr 9.0 hr
3 3.0 hr 6.0 hr
4 2.2 hr 4.5 hr
5 2.0 hr 4.0 hr
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