How to Use the Pacifica Elite Nebulizer?


  • Before each treatment check for damage or wear of the compressor and nebulizer cup. Replace as needed.
  • Place the compressor on a table or other stable flat surface. Make sure that it is convenient for the seated patient.
  • Plug in the power cord to a suitable electric wall outlet with the power switch at the O (OFF) location.
  • Attach a tube to the end of the air-outlet adapter of the compressor.
  • Assemble the nebulizing cup and add the drug to the nebulizing cup.
  • Attach the other end of the hose to the air-inlet connector (situated at the base of the nebulizer cup).
  • Press the power switch to position I (ON) and launch the treatment. Turn on the compressor.
  • If you have to stop your treatment, just click the O-position control button.
  • After finishing the procedure, turn the compressor off and detach the unit from the electrical outlet by pressing the power switch to the O (OFF) position.
  • Immediately after use, unplug the unit.
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