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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Is Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator FAA approved?
Yes, the Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator is FAA approved for in-flight use.
How do I connect the Bleed-In Adapter to my Oxygen Concentrator and CPAP machine?
The Bleed-In Adapter will connect to your CPAP Tubing and your oxygen tubing will connect directly to the Bleed-In Adapter.
How do I charge the SimplyGo Mini batteries with the AC Wall Power Supply?
When charging your batteries for the first time, it's best to use the AC cord. With the batteries installed in the concentrator, you can then plug the unit into the wall using the AC power supply and leave it to charge overnight.
Can you take extra batteries for your portable oxygen concentrator when you fly?
FAA guidelines state that you can bring your portable oxygen concentrator on board with you during flight. Typically, you are required enough battery life for your concentrator to last 1.5 times the duration of the flight. That means that if you need extra batteries to meet that requirement, you can bring the extra batteries needed. *Please check with your airline for specific requirements they may have.
How much does the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator weigh?
The Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator weighs 4.9 lbs with a single battery and 5.9 lbs with 2 batteries.
Is there any warranty of Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator?
Yes, the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty but this warranty only applies to the concentrator. Please review the manufacturer’s documentation for warranty information on accessories and parts.
Can I fly with a Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator?
Yes, you can. However you should check with your airline to see if you will be asked for documentation.
Can I use the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator when I travel?
Yes, this is a portable oxygen concentrator designed for travel with lightweight batteries that can be recharged using either AC or DC input from your car cigarette lighter. When used in its backpack with a single battery, the concentrator weighs only around 5 pounds and it was even designed with the ports and vents facing down so it can withstand up to 10 minutes of direct rain, if you get caught in a downpour!
Can I use the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator while I sleep?
This is a pulse dose only oxygen concentrator and is not recommended for use while you sleep, when continuous oxygen is often required. Consult your physician to discuss this question.
How many filters are there in the Replacement Gross Particle Filter for DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator?
The DeVilbiss Replacement Gross Particle Filter for the DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Container has six filters.
How much oxygen does a concentrator have in it?
Concentrators remove oxygen from the air and deliver it as supplemental oxygen. Thus, as long as the concentrator is functioning properly and there is a power source, you will have unlimited oxygen supply.
How much does the Replacement Gross Particle Filter for DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator cost?
Replacement Gross Particle Filter for DeVilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator costs $29.99.
How high can the high flow nasal cannula go on the Fisher & Paykel myAIRVO™ 2 Humidification System?
The high flow nasal cannula can deliver up to 100% heated and humidified oxygen at a maximum flow of 60 LPM.
Can I charge my portable oxygen concentrator in my car?
Using your portable oxygen concentrator in your car is possible as it can draw power from your DC power source (if the car has one). However, charging the battery while using the portable oxygen concentrator may not be possible in all cases.
What are the side effects of being on oxygen?
There are no real side effects of using oxygen as directed. The quantity of oxygen prescribed is what you need to perform normal functions. Oxygen is not addictive. If you have COPD, it is imperative that you do not adjust your oxygen levels without consulting your doctor.
What is pulse dose and is it better than continuous flow?
Pulse Mode refers to receiving a bolus dose of O2 only when you inhale, and as you exhale you don’t receive anything since you obviously cannot breath in any O2 as you exhale. Continuous Flow is a constant flow of oxygen regardless if you are inhaling or exhaling.
What is a conserving device?
Conserving Devices are a generic term for a way to conserve the amount of oxygen on oxygen cylinders or conserve battery life on POCs.
Will my insurance cover my Oxygen Concentrator?
We do not accept insurance but can provide documents to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. However, reimbursement is not guaranteed. Please call your insurance company to confirm your coverage.
What are the advantages of a portable oxygen concentrator vs. tank delivery?
Tanks have a limited amount of oxygen and need to be refilled when empty. When you are away from home and the tank is running low, you may have a potential problem. With a POC, you have a battery, AC, and DC power cords. As long as you have a power source, the oxygen supply will be unlimited.
Should I get a home concentrator or a portable oxygen concentrator?
First, start with your prescription and understand the necessary requirements. Make sure that you compare machines capable of providing the oxygen demands that you have been prescribed. Once you have identified the machines capable of meeting your oxygen demands, think about how you want to use the concentrator.
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