What Are The Instructions for Using the Inogen One G4 Backpack?

Place the device in the zippered compartment.

Zippered Compartment:

Completely unzip the compartment and place the device in the protective panel so it sits firmly within the EVA bumpers. The device can be put in the backpack with the cannula on either the left or right side. Zip the compartment properly after putting in the Inogen One G4.

Insert the cannula on the device.

Put the cannula on the Inogen One G4 and open the velcro tab of either shoulder located at the top of the shoulder strap. Adjust the length of the tubing for easy movement and close the velcro tab around the tubing. The velcro tabs will keep the tubing in its place while you use Inogen One G4 on the go. After you have closed the tab, you can coil the excess length of the cannula and place it in the side pocket nearest the cannula barb. Your device is now ready to use. You can turn it on by reaching under the display shield.

Going away for the weekend:

If you are planning an extended outing then you will need extra batteries. A zippered pocket at the bottom of the backpack is provided to keep an extra charged battery, DC power cable, or AC power supply. An access slot is also provided so that you can charge without taking the Inogen One G4 out of the backpack. Make sure you place the device in the zippered compartment in so that the charging port is facing out.

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