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Kids Nebulizer Masks

A kid’s nebulizer mask is used in conjunction with pediatric nebulizers. Children's nebulizer masks make therapy possible by encouraging the infant or toddler to breathe freely in and out while allowing medicine to pass through the mouth or nose. As a result, medicine can more easily reach the lungs to relieve symptoms. Having a nebulizer mask for a child means it's the right size and has fun graphic patterns that make therapy more fun and encourage the child's creativity. There are also pacifier nebulizer solutions available for children that make recovery even easier, even for newborns.

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  1. Philips Tucker The Turtle Reusable Pediatric Aerosol Mask for Nebulizers
    Philips Tucker The Turtle Reusable Pediatric Aerosol Mask for Nebulizers
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      • Reduces aerosol deposition in and around the eyes.
      • Soft, flexible material provides better fit and patient comfort.
      • Character faces appeal to children and support compliance.
      • Tucker characterized by a permanent, waterproof sticker; built on time-tested SideStream technology.
      • Sami characterized by whiskers and colorful eye stickers; partners exclusively with SideStream Plus nebulizer.
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    What are the signs that a child may need a nebulizer?

    Although nebulizers require a prescription, there are a few signs that may indicate whether or not your child needs a nebulizer. Consult your pediatrician whether your child has been coughing or wheezing for a long time, or has trouble breathing, shortness of breath, chest pressure, irregular breathing, or slow recovery from bronchitis.

    How to use a pediatric nebulizer face mask

    Go ahead and put the mask on your child's face first. Carefully wrap it around and then find out from your child how it feels. Whether it feels too tight or too loose. You can use the side strings to adjust the mask. Make sure your child is sitting upright in a comfortable place so that they don't fall off or jump around during the treatment. The treatment takes around 8 to 10 minutes so keep your child occupied during that time by making them read a book or anything else that they find interesting. Turn on the machine and you will see mist coming out of the mask which means that the mask is working properly.

    How to clean a kid's nebulizer mask

    Some nebulizer masks are intended to be used once and then thrown away. Reusable masks, on the other hand, should be washed for each application. After each use, make sure they're fully submerged in hot water. This removes any drug traces as well as bacteria clinging to the mask.