What Are the Drawbacks of Buying Used Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen Concentrators
buying a used oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentrators can be costly, with prices ranging from $800 to $1,500 or beyond. That’s why many suffering from respiratory illnesses may look to used oxygen concentrators to save money. But when it comes to personal health, secondhand medical equipment is not always the best choice.

Cons of Buying Used Oxygen Concentrator

One of the main concerns when purchasing used equipment is the health concern. This is especially true when looking for used equipment in after-market marketplaces (such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc). Products sold in these settings may not always be in the cleanest of conditions. If you must buy used, be sure to look for certified refurbished products from only approved distributors or retailers. However, there are still a number of limitations you may encounter when purchasing used or refurbished equipment from trusted sellers.

Limited or No Warranty

Many used and secondhand oxygen concentrators do not come with a manufacturer warranty. In fact, units sold by a retailer may only come with a 90-day guarantee. Most times, buying a used concentrator means not having any warranty protection at all. If the unit was previously mistreated or improperly cleaned, you could wind up spending even more to repair or replace it.

Limited Inventory

Purchasing a used machine may also mean having to make a compromise for what is available. Used and refurbished oxygen concentrators sellers usually have limited inventories, which means you may not be able to exactly match the prescription from your doctor. 

Selecting a discount machine that does not provide the required oxygen delivery (liters per minute) as prescribed by your doctor can be harmful to your health. In your efforts to save money you end up not managing your respiratory illness effectively. 

Hours and Condition

Some used oxygen concentrators may have been used a few hours a week, others may have been used constantly. You’ll never really know how heavily your machine has been used and if is in any condition to continue to do its job. 

Benefits of Buying New Oxygen Concentrator

With a brand-new oxygen concentrator purchase you get peace of mind. Here’s why:

New oxygen concentrators come with at least a one year and sometimes a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. Sellers of new oxygen concentrators like The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop also offer refund policies of their own to ensure complete customer satisfaction. 

You can also comfortably shop for an oxygen concentrator that fits your needs, as sellers with new machines offer a wide range of brands with a range of LPM settings that can precisely match doctor recommendations. 

And because new oxygen concentrators are new, you never have to guess about the condition. You are always certain about lasting performance right out of the box. 

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