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Non-Touch SEJOY Infrared Digital Thermometer DET-306

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  • Touch and non-touch use
  • 10 memory
  • Fever alarm
  • Auto shut-off


Sejoy Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The SEJOY Infrared Thermometer DET-306, is an electronic device with a small frame that can measure the temperature of children, adults, and even objects. It has an LCD screen to display the temperature digitally and accurately in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. Proven as a leader in infrared digital thermometers, it can measure tympanic, oral, as well as rectal temperatures of babies. It excels where the traditional mercury thermometers fail. For instance, babies have a tendency to squirm and it can be a challenge to measure their temperature with a mercury thermometer. If you are in an industry where you require an exact reading of a substance’s temperature, and it is not possible to do using a mercury thermometer, this digital infrared thermometer comes in really handy.

The SEJOY Infrared Digital Thermometer DET-306 can be used as a contact or non-contact thermometer, which makes it suitable for home or business purposes. It can be used to measure many people’s temperature while avoiding cross-contamination and infection. It comes with a storage case. The SEJOY Infrared digital thermometer is battery operated with a battery life of up to one year. This digital thermometer can store up to 10 readings. Other benefits include an Auto Shut-Off feature, and its mode of measuring temperature can be switched from Forehead mode. It's also used to measure the body temperature of people, or the temperature of objects.

How Does the SEJOY Thermometer DET-306 Work?

Measuring temperature using this thermometer is very simple, even with all its options and features. Point the probe directly at the target which is either a forehead, or another body part, or the object whose temperature has to be measured. Keep the probe 2-3cm away and press and hold the Start button. The SEJOY Infrared Digital Thermometer DET-306 responds quickly, so you only need to hold the start button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep sound. Release after the beep sound and you will see the digital reading of the temperature on the Jumbo LCD screen.

How To Change Sejoy Thermometer To Fahrenheit

  1. When the thermometer is off, press the start button and hold for 3 seconds to enter the unit changing the mode on the SEJOY Infrared Digital Thermometer DET-306.
  2. Pressing the power button will change the temperature units. If the thermometer is in Celsius mode then pressing the power button will change it to Fahrenheit and vice-versa.
  3. Once you have selected the desired unit, press the power button to exit and it will change the temperature unit.

Features of SEJOY Thermometer

  • Measure Forehead temperature or Object temperature/span>
  • Touch and non-touch use
  • Recall 10 memory
  • Backlight (optional)
  • Result Indicator
  • Fever alarm
  • Auto shut-off
  • Fast result in 3 seconds
  • Dual scale, switchable

Sejoy Infrared Forehead Thermometer - In the Box

1 Thermometer

User Manual
2- AAA batteries

Non-Touch SEJOY Infrared Digital Thermometer DET-306 Parts

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