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Proactive Pulse Oximeter

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  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

Blood saturation, or SpO2, is a key factor in successful management of respiratory care. Therefore, patients need a device that is going to provide an accurate reading every time. The Proactive Pulse Oximeter is designed to be accurate within a 2% range of blood saturation and within a 2 bpm range of pulse rate. This non-invasive fingertip device uses infrared light to monitor blood levels and provide instant, real-time feedback.

Proactive Pulse Oximeter Features

The Proactive Pulse Oximeter features an LED display for both SpO2 and pulse rate. The display also shows users how much battery life is remaining, including a low power indication (the battery symbol with an “x” through it).

The device runs on two AAA batteries (included) and automatically enters sleep mode after 8 seconds if no signal is detected. To wake the device from sleep mode, simply press the power button.

To receive the most accurate readings, use the oximeter on the index, middle, or ring fingers. Do not test continuously for longer than 5 minutes on the same finger. A lanyard is included with the device for easy portability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use: operable with a single button
  • Easily portable due to its lightweight and small size
  • Accurately checks heart rate and oxygen saturation
  • Uses advanced technology for monitoring SpO2 and heart rate, displays in a bar graph
  • An important tool for nursing homes, community medical treatment, hospital, sports centers and home care, etc
  • Turns off automatically to save battery
  • Includes lanyard and two AAA batteries
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited.


How To Maintain the Proactive Pulse Oximeter?

Ensure that the batteries are removed from the device prior to cleaning. To maintain the Proactive Pulse oximeter, be sure to clean & disinfect after every use. Recommended disinfectants include ethanol 70% and isopropanol 70%. Use cotton or a soft cloth with the disinfectant and apply it to the finger bed. Let dry completely before reusing.

The probe in a pulse oximeter emits a red light and an infrared light on the skin for about 30 times in a second.

Keep the Proactive pulse oximeter clean and remove the battery before storing it.

Replace batteries when indicated by the battery voltage indicator.

Keep away from wet areas as well as any environment with corrosive gasses.

The device must be stored in a dry environment with good ventilation.

The Proactive pulse oximeter works best when placed in an area with a temperature between -20o and 60oC and relative humidity less than 95%.

How To Clean the Proactive Pulse Oximeter?

  • Turn off the device and remove the batteries.
  • First, clean the device with cotton and moisten a piece of cloth with water and wipe down the device.
  • Remove the excess water with a clean dry cloth.
  • Let the Proactive pulse oximeter dry for some time away from direct sunlight.

How To Disinfect the Proactive Pulse Oximeter?

  • Clean the Proactive pulse oximeter before disinfecting.
  • You can use ethanol 70% or isopropanol 70% for disinfecting.
  • Dip cotton in one of those disinfectants and wipe the device with it.
  • Remove the leftover disinfectant with dry cotton.
  • Allow it to dry.

What Are Some Tips for Using the Proactive Pulse Oximeter?

It is recommended that you use the index finger, ring finger or middle finger for measuring the SpO2 and heart rate.

Avoid excessive or rapid movements while taking the measurement.

Ensure that the sensor is properly placed while taking a measurement.

The pulse oximeter should only be reused after properly cleaning and disinfecting.

How To Troubleshoot For Proactive Pulse Oximeter Common Problems?

The pulse oximeter can't turn to measure mode:

This could happen when the Proactive pulse oximeter is not receiving power from the batteries. So, either the batteries are completely depleted or the batteries are not inserted correctly or the device has broken down. Check the batteries and replace them with new ones if needed. If it still doesn't work then contact our customer service in your area.

The display is off suddenly:

The device will enter sleep mode automatically if there is no signal detected in seconds. Simply press the button to reactivate the device. If it doesn't turn on then this could be an indication of low batteries. Check the batteries and replace them if required.

Unstable SpO2 and Pulse Rate display:

Check the luminescent and photoelectric window for possible damage. If there is no damage then the reason for unstable display may be excessive movement while measuring. While measuring make sure your finger is placed properly inside the pulse oximeter and avoid excessive ambient light to avoid unstable display.

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